Monday, February 7, 2011

Banana Cake

In visiting GG yesterday, she gave me a whopping great big bag of frozen bananas.  I am going to make her a banana cake for her birthday.

I don't like being rushed, so I thought I would make the cakes last night and then freeze them to ice a little later on in the week.

I am not sure what I did, but it was not good.  The two round cakes looked like rubbery frisbees.    I remember the batter looked slightly odd. I think I should have melted the butter rather than creaming it.

Oh well.. no harm done. I have 600 bananas left in my stock pile, so I will regroup and try again. On a positive note, the dinner I made last night had rave reviews... Stuffed Bell Peppers with Baked Sweet Potato fries.  The boys are getting really great at being more adventurous with the dinners I make.  I was seriously tired of the same old boring Chicken and Rice or (if Brad's cooking) macaroni and cheese. 

I know that sometimes Zach has a really hard time trying new things and textures, but gotta hand it to the kid, he's being a total champ.  Logan has always been good at trying different things (his favorite food is plain chick peas), but he takes his cues from Zach, so if Zach doesn't want it, Logan doesn't either.

So the agenda tonight is:
  • Skype with Mum and Dad
  • Bake the Banana Cakes
  • Make some Valentines Day Cards
  • Go for a run.
Pretty quiet evening! Whoo Hoo!


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