Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I sincerely hope not. There were only 12 kids on the preschool side at daycare today... that's like 50% sick.  Logan was complaining about a upset stomach this morning.  I really hope he's not getting sick. But he has totally lost his appetite which isn't like Logan, so it's definitely something.

That being said, Bleek is away this weekend and we have loads of things to do, so I hope that Logan won't miss out. He'll be so bummed if he misses his friend's party this weekend.

Fingers Crossed.

The school has totally confused me. They have on their website that Friday is the "Fun Lunch" a lunch where kids get Subway for lunch - healthier than hot dog day.  But I had it written down as Thursday.  Then the note in Zach's agenda said " Fun Lunch on Friday", then directly under that "Fun Lunch Tomorrow".  WTF?  Which is it?

I am going to send a lunch tomorrow regardless, if he doesn't eat it, whatever.  Better than not sending him anything and having Fun Lunch not until Friday.  Boo.  Hate mixups.


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