Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday is off to a fine start.

Sheesh... what a start to the week.

I came in to work on Saturday, so I had to take my pass key from my work bag and put it in my purse. I forgot to move it back, so this morning, I have no pass key and can't get in my desk.

On a positive note, I had my laptop with me, so at least I wasn't locked out and unable to get to my laptop.

On my way down to get coffee, I realised that the vest I was wearing was inside out. In my defense, the inside looks identical to the outside, apart from the tag showing.

Once shirt was fixed... went downstairs to get coffee. Was filling my coffee cup, but I didn't hold the cup while filling, and it tipped over, spilling boiling hot coffee down my pants. I am wearing navy, so apart from smelling like French Vanilla coffee, you can't see the spill, so that's good...

yikes.. here's hoping the remainder of the day takes a positive turn!


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