Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Busy week.

So much to little time. I gotta get marking papers. I think I will start that tonight after work, but I have a Board Meeting for the daycare tonight too. Eff. Well, maybe the meeting won't go long and then I can mark papers after the boys go to bed.

Sheesh.... I know I like busy, but this is really busy.
Boys are good - they are getting better at telling me about their day. I like to hear what they get up to. It's nice that the kindergarten has a website. I can see the activities that they are doing each day, so I can ask Logan about them - it helps.

Zach has always been good about telling me things, even if the things are the things that get him in trouble. Give the kid some credit for that. I don't think when I was his age I was quite so candid with my parents about all the shenanigans I got into...


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