Friday, January 28, 2011


Nuts - I was sincerely hoping to avoid a layover in Germville, but evidently it was inavoidable.

Logan got sick in his bed last night. I tell you - there are few things that wake me up as fast as "Mummy... I threw up...."  I can go from hard core REM sleep to alert enough to perform surgery in 3 seconds flat.

That was at 2 am.... he seems better this morning but we kept him home anyways.  Bleek went into work ridiculously early as did I.  He came home for 7, I took Z to daycare and caught the early bus. This way I can leave at 3:30 so he can get going on his trip.

Tonight is Family Fun Night at the daycare - really great evening that the daycare puts on for the families.  I am hoping Logan will be up to going because if Brad is gone I can't send Zach by himself and he would be beyond disappointed if he had to stay home.

Fingers Crossed.


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