Thursday, January 20, 2011

Booo Hissss Spit...

Well that Wednesday Sucked.

The truck died the other day. The fog lights wouldn't turn off and it drained the battery. So Brad got it towed to the dealer. Don't really know what was wrong ( I don't speak mechanic ) but from what I can ascertain, some fuse got fried, which drained the battery? Anyways, we have the warantee, so we only had to pay the deductible. I know I should be happy... but another $200 in January... not cool.

Then, opened the mail... a camera photo of the car speeding...67 in a 50. Which resulted in a $266 ticket!!! Oh Holy Hell!!. At first I was super pumped because I thought it was Bleekers. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it turned out to be mine. Ouch.

$466 by days end. Good grief.


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