Monday, December 20, 2010

T-5 days....

Nice weekend. Got some last minute shopping wrapped up, I may still need a few stocking stuffers, but for the most part I am pretty much done. I think.

Didn't do much this weekend.  Saturday Mum and Dad dropped by, which then turned into Dad staying to watch hockey/football or something with Bleek while Mum and I went shopping.  The malls weren't nearly as mental as I thought they would be. They took their air compressor and tables back so that cleared up some of the clutter... very happy about that.

Did a renovation in the gym, got rid of the old TV. I offered it to my cousin Angie, who is going to pick it up over the holidays.

Other than that... hockey, laundry and bumming around... a pretty average weekend. 
Boys are super pumped for the Xmas Invasion....I am too. I have Christmas Eve off now... sweet. Although, Bleek and I decided that we are going to be having 3 straight turkeyt dinners, so we decided that since it's just going to be the 4 or us for Christmas Eve, we are going to have Thai.  YAY! 


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