Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So Rare

It's so rare that I remember everything I have to do on the day I am supposed to do it.  No, wait, I take that back. Work wise I am totally on the ball, never miss a deadline, but home errands... good grief, if I don't write it down or email myself, it doesn't happen.

So today is historic. I rememberd to call CAA, check out the new A-CESG RESP grants, set up a training for the daycare director on system software (which I scheduled for my day off on Friday, which is convienient since I am giving the training), got Zach a replacement backpack, picked up shampoo and conditioner as I was rinsing out the bottles to make it stretch today, got birthday presents for Zach and Logan's friend Seth whose party is this weekend,  bought myself a hat (as i cannot locate my other winter one and I am tired of freezing). So Whoo Hoo - even better was that I got it all done on my lunch....SCORE.

Added to that I decided on a weekend project, replacing the kitchen floor. It's been driving me nuts for FAR too long, so off it goes.  YAY!  This weekend, we'll go pick out the tile - cannot wait.

Oh Crap.... just realised I was supposed to mail Christmas cards at lunch today. Dammit! .... so close.


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