Friday, December 3, 2010

So much for my day off

Gees Louise!

So much for my relaxing day off. Get a few free minutes and for some imexplicable reason, the entire day fills up.

I have to be at home depot this morning when it opens to pick out flooring, then I have a parent/teacher conference with Zach's teachers at 11:15 - 11:30, yes, a whopping 15 minutes! Mind you, myabe I should be happy that they didn't request an hour!

Then I have to be at the daycare for 1:30 to give a training on Excel. AT 3pm, it's back to the school to have a parent/teacher with Ms. Reimer, Logan's teacher.


Crap, I also have to remember to buy a bottle of wine for the Daycare wine raffle. I've sent myself a note, so hopefully I won't forget.

Last night I spent eons trying to sync all my stuff together. I wanted my Windows Live Calendar to sync with my Blackberry. Apparently, Blackberry is still working on that technology, and it's not ready yet.

So the workaround for now is to install Outlook on my home computer. Then install BB Desktop Manager which then runs a daily sync between Outlook and my BB Calendar. It's not ideal, but at least Bleek can go on the computer at home and see our updated family schedule on the Outlook Calendar. He can input things, which then get sent to my BB. Slight improvement over having to ask me all the time if we have anything up on a given day.

The pickle was that I don't use Outlook at home, I check my email via Windows Live. So, I set up Outlook that came with Office 2002. However, the trouble with that is Outlook 2002 has some serious flaws and doesn't connect with the MTS Windows Live POP3 and SMTP programs very well. I mean it does, but it has hiccups. So for now, I got it all hooked up, but we'll see how it works going forward.

I am just hoping the BB gets it together and creates a Windows Live sync app very soon. Then all the problems will be solved!


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