Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas

And another one in the books.

Boys had so much fun. We had a quiet Christmas Eve at our place this year, just Bleek, the boys and myself. Christmas day was at Mum's - always a good time.

Today was a bummer in that we had plans to go out and visit with Bleek's parents today.. However, we hit the perimeter and with the blowing snow it was a total white out. Bleek is a really good driver, but he's not the driver I am worried's all the other people out on the roads.

We called George who said it wasn't worth the risk and to turn around and go home - which we did, but still.... a bummer.

Later on today we went over to Owen's for the Preston Boxing Day Extravaganza. Owen did some major reno's to the place and it looked great. Boys had an amazing time playing the Wii on Owen's projection TV.

So we are back home now, and Boys are in bed. I am going to make myself some tea and relax. Unfortunately it's really hard to avoid gluten over Christmas and I am not feeling well at all. Yes, I know... my own fault. Still... ugh

Good night all...


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