Thursday, December 9, 2010

Logan is sick.


Logan is sick.  Poor kid has been grumpy all week... should have known something was on the horizon.  He woke up last night with a fever and he was coughing/hacking/barking.  He cried every time he coughed cause it hurt. Poor kid.

So Bleek went to work in early am and then came home for 8, so that I could go in to work.  Logan is going to stay home. He's quite concerned that there will be someone to "take care of me"... to which Bleek and I assured him that we would.

Zach was crying this morning too. Every morning he goes downstairs to check on his new fish.  We again, Jack or Dianne.... not sure which one.... was "dead" again - floating in the plants. Ick.  So this is the first time that I have had the "scooping" honors, but when I did, the fish sprang to life and swam away.  Not cool Nemo.  Play that trick on Bleeker all you want, but not on me.

I think we are going to head out to Morden this weekend. We want to visit Bleek's parents before the holidays.  Morden is considerably farther away and since we work until 2 pm on Christmas Eve, by the time we get home, pack up, drive out, it will likely be around 5:30 at least. Then I don't want to be one the roads too late, so it makes for a rushed visit.  So Bleek talked to George and Heather and we agreed to switch days to Boxing Day. That way we can go out early, spend the day - have a nice visit (not rushed) and then come home.  It'll be a long day for us as the Preston side gets together on Boxing Day, so we will come home and then head over to Owen's.

Nuts... I ordered Bleeker a gift online and it was a pre-order.  Unfortunately the product has been delayed so it doesn't appear as though it will be here in time for Christmas. D*mn.  I guess I will have to wrap up a picture of it so he know's it's coming. Tenative delivery date is February.  UGH.

So with that relaxing start to the day... on with the show.


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