Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm awake! I'm awake!

Oh Em Friggin Gee.

We got a new plecostomus yesterday. Because we have a big tank, this thing is friggin huge. Not really sure how big exactly, a foot?

Bleek and watched him last night cleaning the tank and affectionately named him Jeeves.
Well, Bleek gets up this morning and couldn't see Jeeves. Seeing as we have Siclids (spelling?) in the tank, they are known to go after new fish, so Bleek was concerned they devoured him and called me this morning.

So I gave the boys breakfast and then went downstairs to check. I couldn't find Jeeves either - looked everywhere, moved plants/wood and nothing.

So I call Bleek on the phone to give him the bad news... then.... I see a tail by the TV.


The friggin thing must have done a big swim up to the surface for a gulp of air and overshot the tank. Seeing as our tank doesn't have a lid, that just meant that Jeeves went airborne. Oh Holy hell.

I scooped Jeeves up and put hom back in the tank. Sounds so calm when I type it but I assure you, I wasn't calm.

So now, he's back in there. I have NO idea how long he was out of the tank. The boys had been downstairs playing the Wii and didn't freak out that there was a fish on the ground... and since he's big, he's kind of hard to miss. But he also wasn't moving, so he wouldn't have attracted attention either.

I did a google and discovered that pleco's can live outside the tank for a "long time" ( as opposed to seconds of other fish). Apparently they have something in their brain that allows them to "breathe" outside the tank for short periods.

So he's moving now... doing that sucking motion.

It's 10:30....I'm am awake now. Knowing that my fish might jump out of the tank at any moment, I may never sleep again.


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