Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Hump Day

Been really tired this week.  My bus changed the schedule, which means it now comes at 7:16.  The ten minute shift kinda sucks, because the daycare opens at 7.  This means I have a whopping 16 minutes to get both both in daycare, out of snowsuits and boots, lunches put away, hugs/kisses and out the door. Much easier in summer, in winter? not so much.

So I have been (yawn) getting up earlier.  Amazing what a difference losing 15 minutes of sleep will do to you. Yes, I suppose I could take a later bus, but then I get to work later and have to stay it works out better if I am there for 7:50 or so.

Fish have settled in nicely, they keep taunting Bleek and faking their own death.  The other day, Jack and Diane (fish we adopted from our friend Erica who named them) appeared to have uh..."gone on".  Howeer, when Bleek went to scoop them out, they came back to life.  Then yesterday, another fish was vertical, so again, Bleek thought it was done and went to scoop it out only to have it swim away (I picture them giggling as they do this - I mean what kind of fun do fish get to have??  I think if I was a fish, this would be a fantastic way to have a little fun)

Other than that, same old.  I am trying to find the boys a good Tae Kwon Do group to go to.  They loved the 2 hour class they had on the weekend, so I am looking at trying to make it a regular thing. U of M has classes once a week for Logan and twice a week for Zach. The classes would work with Zach's schedule, but not with Logan's, as he has swimming at that time.  Nuts... will keep looking.  There are lots of programs, but many of them run M - F.  I don't want to go everyday, not to mention, it's a TAD expensive.

Speaking of classes, seriously considering a Belly Dancing Class at the school. Well it's offered by Louis Riel, but held at the school. Super close, just across the street from 6:30 -7:30 on Thursdays....definitely tempting.... might have to check it out. It would be fun to go with someone, but at the same time, it would be kind of embarassing if I was horrible at it.  Oh well, chances are I wouldn't be the only one who isn't coordinated.


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