Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Baking

Time to get my BC on... or Betty Crocker in laymens terms. HA!

Okay... we must start with a plan. EVERYTHING is better when you have a plan.

On the baking agenda this weekend we have:

1. Jam Jam's - a new participant this year - recipie generously donated by Les at work from her personal family collection. She assures me it's "super yummy" and since I am a big fan of super yummy, it made the list.

2. Nanaimo Bars - Christmas staple - Bleekers favorite and must have if it's going to feel like Christmas.  I am not too proud to admit that I use the Robin Hood package from the store to pull these ones off. The mix for some odd reason works SO well, that it isn't worth the effort on my part when I could simply mix package A with package B.

3. Peppermint Bark - always a favorite with the kids, super easy so it's a favorite with me...  I usually make a bunch of this and put it in some gift boxes for the daycare. Everyone sends treats to the daycare, but it's HARD.  You can't send anything that has nuts, or traces of nuts- which essentially (with a few exceptions, yes I know) excludes all of the pre-packaged chocolates in the store. Also, it can't contain eggs, even if baked as there is some children with a severe egg allergy.  Enter Peppermint Bark to the rescue!

4. Sugar Cookies - These will be for the kids, I am going to make a bunch of plain ones, let them cool and then on Sunday afternoon we will decorate them when we do up the gingerbread house.  I laugh... I look at everyone's very nicely decorated gingerbread houses and yeah..uh... that doesn't happen at our house. Our gingerbread house will inevitably look like it's been through a northerly blizzard and was ransacked by angry polar bears. My boys don't have the craft gene. Neither do I , so they come by it honestly.

5. Suggestions?  If anyone is reading this and has an amazing infallible Christmas recipie, by all means help out your cyber space sista and post it in the comments.  It has to meet some stringent criteria though:

  • It has to be easy enought that Chimps could prepare it. The Chimp of course being me. 
  • Ingredients have to be basic, I don't want to be traipsing across the city on the hunt for some Himalayan nut that the recipie will simply not turn out if you don't get.
Other than that... fair game.


HP said...

My weekend baking projects consisted of turtle bars

and molasses cookies. I can't find the recipe online anywhere so i'll attempt to remember to bring the book and make a copy for you.
Next on my list are crackerjack cookies (the bro-in-law's fave)
butter tarts, and possibly this cake, so pretty:

Jodi said...

Awesome! Thanks Babe!

My boys like things that have good names, so I will definitely check out crackerjack cookies.

I am usually not a lemon fan, but I made a lemon slice with a shortbread crust (...wasn't on the list), but holy h*ll!! It's soo easy and it tastes amazing!

HP said...

sign me up!

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