Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy busy busy


That was a mentally busy weekend. Friday I was running around with meetings, training & shopping.

Saturday morning we got up really early and re-did the floor in the kitchen. Heather had re-done her bathroom with this "temporary" flooring, and it looked great, so I was inspired to do ours. It went in surprisingly easy. So we put it down in the kitchen, but left the stairs and landing for Sunday. Saturday afternoon, Zach and Logan wrote their Christmas letters. SOOO funny. Zach wanted Bey Blades, Bakugan Battle gear and a fishtank. Logan wanted Bakugan Battle gear, Bey Blades and get this... a Bey Blade instruction book. HA! He so wants to be like Zach, so he says he wants whatever Zach does, even though he doesn't understand what it is. It was really sweet.

Saturday night was the work Christmas party. We called for a cab at 5, and by 6:15 it hadn't shown up yet. Brootal. So, I begged and pleaded (although, she said yes right away...) my neigbour to give us a ride downtown. Shelly is AMAZING - love love love her. So while we missed soup/salad, we made it for the main course. Party was good, I won the Centerpiece (a tall glass vase with Peacock feathers) which was fun.
Sunday morning, I took the boys to hockey, while Bleek stayed home to do some electrical work in the basement (we need a new outlet). Boys did great at hockey, Logan's new skates fit much better and he's considerably happier on the ice. After hockey, came home, had a quick bit to eat and then it was off to Tai Kwon Do. So two hours there and then back home.

Zach has wanted a fishtank FOREVER. Logan has Drago, his budgie and since Zach can't have a cat because of his asthma, he decided he wanted fish. So Bleek got a HUGE GARGANTUAN (well maybe not that big, but it's the biggest one we've ever had) 50 Gallon fishtank. It's got LED lights, 6 fish, fancy rocks/plants and moon lights. It looks great and Zach loves it. It was so cute. Both boys were looking into the tank and Logan rubbed Zach's back and said "I am so happy you have your own pets now Zach!" It was really nice to see Logan genuinely happy for his brother.
Sunday night, I had to go back to Home Depot for Brad nails, more flooring and quarter round. Bleek had finished the floor on the landing Sunday afternoon, so we just have the stairs left. I did a "quick" run to Walmart and picked up some Xmas presents for the boys and some stocking stuffers.

When I got home, we decorated the house, put up the tree and lights. Since the fishtank is now in the place where we usually put the tree, we put the tree up in the living room. It looks pretty good! It does block the TV a bit, but we don't really watch TV upstairs that much, so no big loss. I got to put up my favorite Smore marshmallow ornaments and Starbuck ornaments.  But, so Bleek won't be left out, I got him a Tim's ornament... he doesn't care for Starbucks... LOL


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