Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Well gees, nothing like waking up in a snow globe. Ironically applicable though since, I am going to see White Christmas with Kendra tonight.  Outside of the iconic "I'm dreaming of a Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiite Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaaas....", I haven't the slightest idea of what the story is about or anything.  Whateer, should be a good festive way to kick off the Christmas season.

More than likely we will be decorating the office soon. It's always super fun and ridiculous.  I have come to think of everyone as my work family here. Decorating at work is just like decorating at home, with everyone helping and driving eachother nuts. LOL. At home, we don't bust out the holiday decorations until December 1.  I am on the ball this year though, I have it all ready to go, Cards are ready to mail on Monday and everything. Gotta love online ordering. I recently found out that at Hallmark, you can order cards, upload addresses and they will even mail them for you. Completely hands off. I can't decide if that is completely awesome, or completely scrooge-like.

I am super pumped at the way holidays fall this year.  Because Christmas and Boxing Day fall on the weekend, we get the 27 & 28th off in lieu. So I took the 29 - 31 off as well, so I am going to be enjoying my eggnog from the 24th until January 2. How awesome is that??

Boys missed the work Christmas party this year as we were in Mexico, so we are going to take them to the Army & Navy kids Christmas party with Mum and Dad.  Although, neither one of my boys is a big fan of Santa in person. They are quite happy with the idea of Santa, and they do enjoy his work, but up close not so much.  According to Logan, up close Santa is kinda creepy.  Fair enough. But, they do enjoy the rest of the Christmas party stuff, singing carols, cookie decorating that kind of thing. So I think we'll check that out.

Wow. December 1 tomorrow.   Well... here we go..... let's roll out the festive!


HP said...

Good news - we also get mon jan 3rd as day in lieu for new years day....keep imbibing baby!

Jodi said...

Shut Up!!!

So cool!! Good thing you said something, or I likely would have come in!

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