Thursday, November 4, 2010


Okay... developing a serious addiction to this website. Just got a bunch of Calendar magnets printed for stocking stuffers for the Grandparents.  I even got some "Mom Cards" printed up.

Mom cards are the neatest idea - if not a little cheesy - but I don't care, I think they're fun.  It's like a business card, but has your contact info and your kids names on it.  They are great to put in birthday invitations or if you meet one of your kid's friends parents. It's happened so many times where we say, "we should get together" and then you forget or don't have the contact info.

So fun.

Bleeker leaves tonight. Sigh. He'll be gone until November 14.  Wow... that seems like a really long time, but hopefully the kids will keep me busy. Nope... scratch that.... I KNOW they will keep me busy.

I think I am going to start drafting up a Christmas shopping list.... gotta keep my eyes open for sales!!!  Hmm... definitely another modge podge of a post. 

OH! Almost forgot... meeting up with Kendra tomorrow to take her out for a birthday lunch... wonder where we should go.  That crepe place we went to last time was fantastic!  East India Company is really really good, but it's a little bit of a walk and I have to leave early tomorrow, so I can't take a long lunch.  I am really tired of Soup, Sandwiches and more - besides we go there often enough that it wouldn't feel "special" for a birthday.  Hmmm... maybe Thai. I think there is a great little Thai place off Graham.... will have to do some investigating prior to tomorrow.


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