Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, now that my AMJ has accomplished an intermediary goal of dropping 25 lbs, I went shopping tonight for a few items...I wanted to get a new swimsuit.

I hate swimsuit shopping, nothing drags my self esteem through the mud quicker or with more precision.  However, this time, I went to swimwear etc. Girls there were amazing.

I am crazy picky. I don't want anything that makes me look matronly. I don't like florals. I didn't want solid colors.   So right there that eliminates a hell of a lot.

What I did end up with is this super cute halter tankini from Hurley. This is a crummy picture of it ( and it's CLEARLY not me in the photo), but up close it looks more like a plaid.  I got a black side tie bottom to match.

Dare I say, I actually like how this one looks and fits.  I also picked up two dresses, but I can't find the pictures of them online. I got Bleeker a Hurley boardshort suit as well.  Bleek looks great in anything swim related, so no worries there.

Stopped off a Shoppers and picked up pre-emptive meds... just in case - Pepto, Gravol etc.

Just have to get some sunscreen tomorrow and I think we're all set.  Got a schedule done up for Mum so she knows what happens when and where

Bleeker is home and rocking one of the sexiest moustaches I have ever seen. It's a cross between a Fu Manchu and a Van Dyke.  HAWT!!!


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