Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here are a few pictures of the trip:
This is the hotel rooms were, each had it's own little garden and fountain.
Gorgeous lighting was everywhere!

 Enjoying a drink in the lobby when we first arrived:

 This was the pool ( it was HUGE), they had sunken loungers.....
 Our resort was MASSIVE, this is the view from halfway down the beach looking back at the palace of a lobby.
Getting ready for dinner, just having a Mexican flag drink!

 View from the third floor of the lobby looking back the other way down the beach.
 Bleek loved all the lizards!
 Couple time on the beach!
 The blissfully serene ADULT pool, no kids allowed and wonderfully quiet!
 Jenny and Mark's Wedding!!!
 A little note in the sand:

 Love of my life enjoying a beachside bevvy.
 Lobby bar... so beautiful.

 Went to put down my drink right beside a rather large lizard!

 Perfect Vacation!!


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