Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home Stretch

Report cards were good!  Logan is " a happy, eager, intelligent child with exceptional manners".... CANNOT get any better than that!!!!

Zach's wasn't as glowing, but it was better than previous, so that'a positive.   ADHD is a big bouquet of awesome that requires a lot of patience and stamina for both Zach and us.  The biggest thing I can do for him is be his advocate.

Today is a fun day. The boys friend Cole is having a birthday, so they are off to Silver City to see Mega Mind!!!  Sweet!  While they are at the movie, I am going to sneak in some grocery shopping.

I got my run in, 4 miles, a short one, but I wasn't feeling so great last night, so I thought I would take it easy today. I ran on Wednesday and Thursday, but man... didn't feel up to running last night.

Tomorrow is hockey, Brad's parents are driving in to see the boys. I am happy about that. It's a long drive and I know they wanted to get a visit in before the roads get too icy.

Then... BLEEKERS HOME!!!! I haven't got a call yet, so I am guessing that he didn't snag a buck.  Oh well, hope he had a good time.  I know last year, they guys who didn't get a deer split the meat with the guys who did, so everybody goes home with some, so imagine that's what they will do this year.

Then M, T,W, TH, MEXICO!!!!


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