Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Evening

Since I finished up my herculean task of marking CGA assignments, I have the evening off. 


Brad is going to take the boys to free skate night, so I have the evening to myself.  Hurrah.
I designed my Christmas cards last night.  I don't hate doing Christmas cards, but I have to admit that I do dislike writing them enormously. I don't write a Christmas letter on the simple premise that most people lie and embellish the good things on their Christmas letter and so it really isn't the truth.  I prefer it when people tell the truth, warts and all.  Unfortunately, that is few and far between when it comes to the likes of Christmas letters.
I usually go to Snapfish for my online printing, but I could not get their website to load last night. So frustrating. So I tried a new place…. VistaPrint.  We'll see how she goes.  I got the cards made up and even got these super cute caricature return address labels created. Can't wait for them to arrive.
So now that all that is done, I am going to go for a run and have a relaxing evening.  I have to start getting ready for the Mayan…. T-24 days…...



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