Monday, November 1, 2010

Fantastic weekend

Yeah! Happy Dance!

What a great weekend. Friday I was in Logan's Kindergarten class helping out with the Halloween festivities.  HS Paul does great things for the kids on Halloween.  There is a parade that starts with the kindergarten and you parade through each of the classrooms, who then tag along on the end, making a huge train of kids, which ends up in the gym. When you get there, everyone dances to Monster Mash. So fun.

Logan is great in the class. His teacher had nothing but glowing things to say. Sigh.  It's nice to hear that now and again.  Zach had a great afternoon. Usually days like this, with so much going on can get overwhelming for him, but he was awesome!

Sunday Zach's friend Nathan (his buddy from grade 2) called to see if Zach could come out trick or treating. Zach was so excited! He gets shy and can have trouble making friends, so I am over the moon excited that he's made a buddy.  I dropped him off at Nathan's place and the two of them, along with Nathan's older brother and another friend all went out as a pack of Storm Troppers with Nathan's Dad.  Zach had the absolute BEST time. He was just glowing when he got home. YES YES YES!!!!

Logan went trick or treating with Bleek. We bundled him up and miraculously his costume fit overtop.  Bleek was super freezing, when he got home, but Logan had fun.  Zach wasn't home yet, so Logan stayed up to help me hand out candy.

Definitely one of the best Halloween's ever.  I get such a huge warm fuzzy feeling when my kids are genuinely happy.  I want so much for them and to see even a little bit come to pass makes me very very happy.

Glad Bleek is home. We have 4 days to enjoy eachother's company and then he's gone for another week.  No deer yet.... but the elusive Buck (or a member of it's family) was taunting Bleek in the parking lot at his work today. Poor Bleeker....    I hope he gets one soon!


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