Friday, November 5, 2010

Bleeker has left the building...

So Bleek left last night - so I will be reawakening my solo career for the the next week and a half.

The only thing that is going to be a little tricky is picking up the boys from daycare. With all the construction downtown, traffic is MENTAL. I have never been one to comment on trafice, or even notice it for that matter, but recently it has been so bad.  The lovely little GPS electronic signs that tell you your bus is coming are lying. LYING. I think it's to lull us into a false sense of security.

It isn't the bus drivers fault, I am sure that they are just as pissed off and frustrated as the passengers are.  Last night... after waiting 25 minutes for a bus (when the sign kept blinking "due"...see? LYING!), I finally saw my bus.  We inched at a glacial pace from the Bay to Main street.  Then when we finally got onto St. Mary's, he clipped a parked car. Or, rather that's what the other passengers were saying. I didn't see it. I zone out when I am on the bus.

No plans for Saturday yet.  Mum is going to swing by in the late evening and spend the night. She's going to come to hockey with us in the morning on Sunday.. Bleek's parents had plans on coming in, but then my father tore his rotator cuff (OUCH!) and so I don't think he'll be up to coming.

Today, Kendra and I still have to decide where we are going to go for lunch.  I really could go for some Thai!!


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