Monday, November 8, 2010

Another one in the books

Weekend was really good. 

Saturday I got the house nice and sparkling clean.  Crossed a bunch of house cleaning projects off the list. There are things I do every week, mopping, mirrors etc, but there are some projects that only happen once and awhile like reorganizing my linen closet.

Mum came over Saturday night. Boys hadn't seen her for awhile so they were pumped to see her. She spent the night and then we all got up to go to Hockey on Sunday morning.

Wow. So impressed. Logan did great and even scored a goal. Zach improves every single time he gets on the ice. Even the coach mentioned a big improvement from last week. They were both really proud of themselves and had so much fun.

After hockey, we went back to the house for a big brunch.  In the afternoon, Mum and I took the boys to Toys R Us to get some ideas of things thye wanted for Christmas. Egad... Toys R Us was a madhouse on Sunday. You'd think it was the week before Christmas or something!

So, another one in the books. I heard from Bleek Friday night. He's doing well, having a good time, but they didn't see any deer that day.  I haven't got another phone call, so I am assuming they didn't get a deer yet.  Here's hoping!!

This week is all about getting ready. I have to make an itinerary for Mum.  All the boys school scedules and whatnot.  I can't expect her to remember it all.  The boys are really excited to have Grandma babysit while Brad and I are away.  I always get nervous leaving the boys.  They are older now, which should make things somewhat easier, they can help Grandma.

I watched Love Actually last night. How is it possible that I have never seen this movie?  It's so great!  I really nice way to end the weekend.


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