Friday, October 1, 2010

Worse than a kid

I swear, I am worse than a kid.

I am completely incapable of not spilling things.  Was that a double negative?  Ah forget it, who cares. I really should buy some stock in Tide Pens. I keep those guys in business. 

Bleeker was laughing at me last night, because no matter what I am drinking, water, wine, coffee... I
invariably will spill some on myself, the afgan, Bleeker (if he's sitting close by).  It's gotten so bad, that I will not hold a glass of anything while watching LOST.  I am constantly startled by the show and each gasp is accompanied by a hand flying up to my mouth (to cover the gasp/scream), which is how I spill.

Trying to think of something fun to do this weekend.  Earlier this week, I completely had a project idea and in the midst of my absolutely mental week, the idea scampered right out of  my head. Damn.

Think I need some coffee... not in the sense that I need a new stain on my shirt, but rather I am in need of the caffeine jolt.  While I am there, maybe I'll grab a few Timbits. Timbits are only 1 WW point each, which is great, cause you can get that sweet craving fufilled without totally derailing my AMJ. Hurrah.

Now... which one to get....


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