Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well the weekend of no TV/Wii/Computer is coming to a close.

Zach did well.  He totally understood and while he wasn't happy about it, he sucked it up and got on with it.  He had to help do the Saturday chores. Ordinarily they just have a handful that they have to do, but this weekend, Z helped with everything from laundry to dishes to recycling to yardwork.

Saturday was good - we carved our pumpkin.   Turned out pretty well.  We are storing it outside, because the warm temps inside are making it go a little soft.  Initally we planned on carving three, but after the first one, the boys decided that it was enough. We may carve another one close to Halloween.

Sunday is hockey day.    I googled how to dress kids for hockey, so I was well prepared.  Logan was up first... damn those skates are tough to get on. On of Logan's buddies Dad showed me a trick, so that helped considerably.

Logan was having a tough time on the ice at the beginning. It was strange cause last week he was all into it, but this week he started crying at the beginning.  Not sure why.  But he stuck it out and ten minutes later he was skating around no problem.

Zach couldn't wait to get on the ice. Dressing Zach went much faster after I learned the trick with the skates.  Zach is really tall  (like really really tall).  So when you're young, it's the kids who are shorter with a low center of gravity that have an easier go of it.  Zach definitely does flail a little, but he scored his first GOAL! whooo Hoo!  **fist pump**

After we came home and the boys played outside in the backyard.  Owen came over and insullated the attic for the light we have in the shower. So while he did that the boys found a ladybug nest and were collecting them and putting them in a bucket. Then we played baseball and then soccer and then drew with sidewalk chalk.... it's amazing what you can do when you aren't wasting time watching tv or playing video games.

In between all that I made some cookies and an apple pie. So after Owen finished up, he came in for a beer and a slice of pie.  Turned out really well.

So I am spent. I still have to get my long run in (5 or 6 miles - haven't decided), but since the boys aren't allowed TV,  I can't just put a movie on and go for my run in the next room.  So it will have to wait until bedtime, which fortunately is coming up in 15 minutes. My boys go to bed at 7 pm on weeknights, but can stay up a little later on Friday/Saturday. Sunday however, they are usually tired from the late nights and excitement, so we send them off to bed at 6:30. Well... we have bath at 6:30, then read stories, so they are usually in some hardcore REM by about 7:15 Sunday night.

**yawn**  I am out of wine too... we ran out last week and haven't bought or made any more yet. Bugger.... will have to rectify that shortly.


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