Monday, October 4, 2010

New Book

Finished "Open" - very good read.  I got slightly lost in the intricacies of all the tennis descriptions, but the life story behind it was pretty capitivating. 

Next up: Househusband by Ad Hudler.  I picked it up at the libary when I went with the boys on the weekend. So far, I have only read a few chapters, but it's written in a really witty tone and I think it's going to be a funny, easy read..

To have the house clean and dinner made when I get home?  Well, I am almost there. Bleeker does make dinner for the boys and I, so that's great.  Plus, I do have Mo (my wonderful robotic vacuum) that cleans my house when I am out.

It's kind of neat to read about a complete role reversal though.


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