Saturday, October 2, 2010

Love Fall.

Good day.

I had planned on takin gthe boys to the new Kid City place (indoor play center - like a McDonalds playland on steroids but without the craptastic food).  But, since the day was so nice, it seemed a total waste to spend it all indoors.

Logan had got a note home from the Kinder teacher asking for the kids to bring leaves. So we decided to go for a walk and collect some.  Wow. I didn't realise there were so many different kinds and colors just in our little area alone.   Walking randomly works for some people, but not my boys. We need a specifc goal.

Logan had asked me before bed last night if we could get some information on King Cobras.  Fair enough.  The library seemed like a good place to go. We are within walking distance to Louis Riel, so off we went.

I love libraries way too much.  Louis Riel isn't even on the same planet as Millenium, but it's perfect for little walks.  Logan found a great book on snakes and Zach was able to find some on pirates and star wars.  We found this super cool star wars book that let you choose the story.  I remember books like that when I was a kid. "If you want the hero to kill the dragon ... go to page 2. If you want the hero to save the princess... go to page 4" That kind of thing.  The wild thing is that the book has an online component, so Z is going to check that out tomorrow.

So we came home, had some lunch, did some chores and got ready for our next walk.  Zach and Logan had to return the Indiana Jones Wii game they rented (with their own money... pooled together... so awesome), so we decided to walk (Logan's idea) up to the store.  We made it a three prong trip. First stop was Starbucks for me, needed some Via - ran out and was currently suffering from a headache as a result.   Then to Blockbuster. Boys returned the game and got Mario Baseball.  I got two movies on sale 2 for $6.98 and then I had a $2 off coupon..  2 movies for $4.98?  and that was buying not renting. Sweet.  I got Mambo Italiano... such a super cute sweet movie - seen it before, but it's a fave. Next one was Numb.  I haven't heard of it before, it's got Matthew Perry in it and I do like him, so I thought I'd give it a go. Wasn't much selection in the 2 for $6.98 category, so it was either Numb or a horror... and those who know me, know I don't do horror. The last horror movie I watched was that Johnny Depp one where he was some famous British serial killer - Jack the Ripper or something. It's  been that long.

Last stop was Extra foods for some fruit/veggies and cookie ingredients.  We ran out of my cookies and I need some for lunches next week. So we got all that stuff, packed in into my backpack and headed for home.

Made pork stir fry for dinner. I wasn't sure if the boys would go for it, but they ate it up. Mind you, I can't feed them enough right now. They eat so much fruit and veggies it's mental.  Not salad, but chopped up veggies like cucumbers, peppers, carrots - so not bad all things considered.

I even got caught up on some laundry. Nice. To top it off, even squeaked in a 3 mile run just now. I can't even imagine how I would get all my running in if I didn't have a treadmile.  I cringed at how much our new one cost ( we wore out our old one ... well mostly Bleek, but a little me - training for my marathons too) but since we use our new one so much, it's nice to have a good one.

Bought some hair dye last week, so I think I'll get around to that tomorrow.  Auburn baby.... it's my go to fall color. My inner Anne of Green Gables cannot be tamed.


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