Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feeling a little better

Still under the weather, but feeling a little better with how things are going with Z.... I always feel better when I have a plan.  Floundering doesn't much suit me.

Those parents who judge, but don't have a child with ADHD have no idea. NONE. Don't even think that you could do better because you honestly have no idea how you would handle a situation until you are in it. I have long since stopped judging how people live their lives - it's just not fair.

There... that's my negative rant for the day - now onto more positive things.

My headache has stopped so that is a gleaming beacon that I will feel better tomorrow.  If I can stop hacking, that would be even better.  I am taking a half day off tomorrow to spend the day in Logan's kindergarten class and it would really great if I was feeling better.

Logan is so nervous because there are going to be other parents watching.  He says he is going to politely ask at the beginning that no one watches him.  At least he's thought it out!  LOL... we'll see how his plan goes.


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