Saturday, October 9, 2010

Early Thanks.

We decided to have our Thanksgiving today. Tomorrow we are heading out to Bleek's parents and then Monday, Logan and Brad are going to the Bomber game, so we didn't want it to be rushed.

Usually Bleeker makes the turkey, but since he was working, the poultry responsibility fell squarely on my shoulders. Turned out really well.

Zach is usually a VERY (even Very doesn't do it justice... extremely would probably be better) picky eater. But recently he has been really trying hard to be more flexible. He ate his whole dinner without complaint... in fact he even commented on how good it was.... TRIUMPH! Logan was pretty grumpy today... going all week without a nap at Kindergarten takes its toll on him. But even he was in good spirits at dinner today.

Finally got around to buying the life-sabers for the kids costumes today. I told Z that I wanted to keep it under $10 each. We found some at superstore, but they were $24.95 and then even said on them that they were only for costumes and not for play. I was completely prepared for a total meltdown, but Z understood, was disappointed of course, but he understood. So impressed. As it turns out, we hit Walmart and skipped the Halloween section and went to the toy section. There we found non-battery powered light sabers for $9.95 and they were "official Star Wars" and not a knock off. Zach & Logan were over the moon. Really happy that it all worked out.

Found some pink Moscato at the LC tonight, so Bleek and I are going to crack into that and watch a few episodes of Lost after the boys go to bed. I did a 4 mile run today... gotta psych myself up for the 6 miler tomorrow.... AMJ is going well!!!


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