Friday, October 22, 2010


Z got into trouble yesterday at school for talking back to teachers and then today he broke some kids toy- dude is on a roll.

So tonight he lost his coveted tv/computer/wii privileges for the weekend. Man- this is going to be hard on me too! But, it had to be done. Tonight he spent the entire evening in his room doing his school workbooks. Then he got ready for bed. Give the kid some credit though, he understood why the consequences were what they were. He was pretty cute trying really hard to do overly nice things to make up for it. Didn't sway me though.

Tomorrow is going to be tough. Bleeker's gone to the cabin again and the only way I get to sleep in on the weekends is by letting the boys watch cartoons. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I'll have to focus on how much more I will get done! Lol.

Some times it's hard being a mum. Having a child with high needs doesn't make it any easier. But as crappy as today feels, I know that soon ( maybe not tomorrow, or the next day) we will overcome our current hurdle and run head first into the next one. Just gonna shake this one off.


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