Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crazy week.

Crazy busy week so far.

I was asked to participate in the Mock Interviews for the Asper School of Business this week. It was odd on a couple levels. To be on the other side of the interview has been somewhat strange. Although, I have been  giving so many interviews lately with the daycare director that it's old hat now.  Mostly, it was weird being back at the University. I spent so much time there in my twenties that it was kind of surreal to be walking the halls again.  Stopped in at Staff Benefits to see Katie - it was great to see her even if it was brief. 

It just feels like I haven't stopped moving this week. Go here...okay great... rush there... grab something to eat...... now get to that meeting... Yeesh. Secretly though, I actually like it. Function better on warp speed.


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