Monday, September 13, 2010

To do lists

I love "To do" lists. Love them.  There is something intrinsically pleasing about scratching something off of a list, makes me feel like I am actually making progress towards something.

So I started making a to do list for September. Evidently September is much busier than I thought. See?  Reason #467 why I like making lists, I totally would have forgot something!

So this week is all about  getting Z's party ready to go. I have confirmed with Mad Science the entertainment, ordered the cake, made the goody bags and purchased decorations/paper plates/ napkins.  CHECK!  Have yet to purchase the wine, but that's on any to do list I make so it's hardley necessary to even write down anymore.

I also have two board meetings with the daycare this week, swimming lessons start tonight, I have a Splurge party with the girls and Doctors appointments. Hmmm. No rest for the wicked I suppose.

Ack! I have forgotten to get coffee. Tragic... must rectify that immediately.


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