Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Management

My life comes in waves.....

nothing. nothing. nothing.  EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. nothing. nothing. nothing.

Well I am full blown into the "all at once" phase. Holy Crap.

Just got home. Yawn!!!  I am so tired that I honestly have nothing to say. Me... nothing to say.

Totally looking forward to the weekend though.  Scored some Mama Mia tickets, so Heather and I are going to see that one... can't wait to get my ABBA on!  The Splurge girls get together is in the afternoon, so Saturday has rapidly turned into estrogen-fest.  Bleeker will be on his own... which is totally fair.  He had his testosterone-fest last weekend.

Really want to go shopping for new clothes. However, due to the whole backside minimization journey that I am currently on, it would be prudent to wait for a little while.   Still... currently going through a phase where I hate everything in my closet.  Well, maybe not hate - dislike perhaps?...nope...ambivalent. That's what it is.

Alright, going to have a glass of wine and decompress.  I should write an apology to my liver.


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