Saturday, September 18, 2010


wow.. crazy day planned.

On the agenda, go pick up cake, fruits and veggies for party tommorrow.  Go downtown and meet Mandy and the girls for lunch (side note, Bucchanchinos has a gluten free menu. Triumph!)  Come back, pick some apples then, go for a run. 

After that... get ready to go, pick up Heather, head out to Mama Mia...

**insert ABBA tuneage here**

Tomorrow... bright and early the chaos begins... our house is ubiquitous with chaos and mischief, so you would think I would feel right at home.  Truth be told, I will feel so relieved when it's all over.  I sincerely hope it goes well. I want Z to have a great time, hope the entertainment is good and that everyone enjoys themselves. After that, I can sit down with a nice glass of wine!


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