Friday, September 24, 2010

Old Soul

This morning Zach was complaining that his strawberries were too sour. ( of course, he accompanied the complaint with a rather emphatic rendition of someone who just sucked on a lemon). Logan, without skipping a beat, said "Gees, Zach, don't be so dramatic." Logan kills me. So funny.

Tonight is the Bomber game, but the weather is completely craptastic, so I am not really looking forward to sitting out in the rain for 3 hours. But it's been forever since I was at a game, so I am going no matter what, but Jyles better keep it together is all I'm saying.

So I am ahead of the game this year and I actually got the boys their costumes last night. Last year I made the costumes, but screw it, this year I bought them. Zach wanted to be a storm trooper and I didn't have the slightest idea of how to make that, so when I found a costume, I just bought it. Logan usually wants whatever Zach does, So I was proud of him for choosing something of his own. So we are going to have Batman and Storm Trooper. Although, Logan is going to be rocking a light saber because he felt that Batman wasn't properly armed. Extremely difficult to argue with logic like that.


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