Tuesday, September 21, 2010

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm soup

Cold, blustery fall day.... calls for soup.

Love soup, probably more than is strictly necessary to be honest. Bleek isn't a huge soup fan, so I have to sneak it in when I can. I'm not sure why he has such an aversion to it... perhaps it's the tendency to slurp, the fact that I heat the soup to temperatures normally reserved for molten lava... a combination of the two maybe?

Today is vegetable. Yummo.

My, it is a sad state of affairs when soup is the topic of my blog post. Although, I should be grateful that things are ticking along and I am in the somewhat luxurious position to be able to comment on soup, while enjoying soup, while typing on a computer, while sitting in a heated home, a privilege many don't have.

Well last last entry just went full circle didn't it? Went from being a sad state of affairs to a privilege... good grief. It can be quite disconcerting to read the inner workings of my psyche in print... it's not pretty.

Bleek refuses to turn the heat on and while he assures me it's the same temperature it has been all summer, it is starting to feel like a meat locker in here, so I think I am going to go make some tea, find a warm quilt and hunker down with a book for awhile...

It's been some time since I hit the bookstore and/or library, a tragedy I will have to soon rectify. So in the interim, I pinched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" from the boys bookcase... gonna get my Dahl on.


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