Monday, September 20, 2010

Mad Science


Hurrah!  It went well!!  So relieved.

The kids all arrived at 1:30, Mad scientist arrived right on time - so while they set up in the basement, the kids played upstairs.

The show was great.  She did some cool experiments, with indoor fireworks which was rad.  She taught the kids about electricity and had them make a line holding hands.  Zach being the birthday boy got to hold the first light bulb which the mad scientist charged.  Then the kid on the end got to hold anothe light bulb and it lit up... the current went through everyone. So cool.

Then they got to wear these neat glasses that diffused the light into it's different light colors (white is made up of the whole roygbiv spectrum). Bleek took at picture of the kids with their glasses on and they all went nuts!  LOL. I guess the flash looked like lazer beams when it went off.

Next up was slime, which is a simple polymer combination. The kids got to choose their color and make their own. It came in individual cups (with lids!!) so they were able to take it home with them.

Last and totally not least was the rocket launch. We went outside into the school field. Very glad it was a nice day.  The scientist explained how rockets worked and demonstrated how to set it all up.  Then the kids led the countdown and BOOM!    Holy Crap... I was expecting something that would maybe go a few feet in the air.... uh... It went up so high we couldn't see it anymore until the parachute opened up. The rocket almost went into traffic, but landed on the blvd.   The kids had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!

Then we went back to the house for brain punch (fruit punch with a ice mold in the shape of a brain), cake, fruit and veggies.  After that was presents and goodie bags. DONE!

Zach had such a good time. Him and his buddy Brayden were so cute. They would sit besdie eachother the whole time and kept calling eachother best buds.   Zach sometimes has trouble making friends, he gets too shy, so this was pretty amazing to see.

Nick and Les stayed for dinner with their boys.  Logan loves Troy and Tyler so he was really happy they got to hang out a bit more.

So that's it... All went well, no crying, no fighting,  weather was good and everyone had fun.

Misson Accomplised - now where is the Tylenol?


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