Friday, September 10, 2010

Innate Nattering

Super awesome start to the day. Love humidity... can't get enough... add a long smelly bus ride into the mix...pure perfection.

Bleek's heading out to the cabin (for those who don't know, Bleek is my husband) and I am staying back with the boys. I have the wine chillng already.

Nothing much going on this weekend, I do have some projects I would like to tackle, but whatevs, if I get to them great, if not... they will still be there. Although, it would be nice to envision helpful elves who would come out at night (much like a cobblers shop) and help out... but I digress. If you are going to be reading this blog, hang on because I have the attention span of a scalded flea (thus it's title) and tend to bounce around from topic to topic at will.

I have now reached the bottom of a rather luke warm cup of coffee, so it's clearly time for a refill.


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