Saturday, September 11, 2010

Holy Hannah Productive!

Whoop Whoop! Super awesome productive day!

After the big breakfast, the boys and I hunkered down and got to work.  They started on chores (laundry, dishes) with minimal whining!  Small victories!

I started on the basement laundry room.  This room has become a catch all for a lot of things and I have been meaning to sort it out for awhile.  So it worked out well that today was "free weekend"... leave your crap on the curb and someone will turn it into treasure. Perfect.
Laundry room is wicked now.   I had a whole bunch of these playmat things that the boys used to play with.  They have outgrown them, so I converted it into a flooring for the laundry room.  The floor is cement and so it's really cold.  I put the technicolor foam tiles and voila!... nice and warm on the feet. Recycling at it's finest.

Next up was the toy area....boys and I went through and picked over the toys they don't play with anymore and those too made it to the curb, where they were promptly picked up. YAY!

Then I cleaned house a la Norwex. Nothing really exciting there, so let's just skip ahead.

My bathroom door has a hole in it (casualty of renos). Yes, very glamorous life I have. Jealous?  I am not really in the market to replace the whole door and frame, so the best bet was to cover it up.  So I currently had an aboriginal canvas art thing hanging... hated it.

So I went to Michaels.. got a really nice print.  I took the board it came with and covered it in a thin sheet of cork.  Then I got these super cute push pins, they are oversized with stripes, I tried to find a picture, but no luck.  I used the pins to attach the print to my new corkboard and the bathroom door.  It looks great and by some fluke, a portion of the print coordinates with the shower curtain.

FYI - going to Michaels with two energetic boys during Halloween is not fun. At. ALL - way too much to get distracted by.  I did get some great stuff for Zach's party, including a brain shaped ice mold and some Super cute potion-esque goody bags.

Next up was Home Depot - that was fairly easy as the boys knew I wasn't thrilled with them after Michaels, so they were on their best behavior for that trip... it lasted all of 10 minutes. LOL.

Last stop was Sobey's, had to get some gluten free Pad Thai (which sounds revolting, I realise, but is actually quite good) along with some other yummies for dinner tonight.  Yay... so glad Jill is coming over. She's amazing.

One other side bonus of autumn is that I get to bust out the cordoroy (spelling?) jackets, plaid felt hats ( see my profile pic...) and fuzzy scarfs.... completely, hands down my favorite season.

Must be off, the wee one has stubbed his toe and is in need of assistance.....


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