Sunday, September 12, 2010

End of the weekend

Bleek isn't home yet, here's hoping bow hunting went well. He took the camera which ordinarily would have been fine, but Zach needs pictures for school. One of the family, one of some place he's visited and one of something he likes to do. So I had to sort through all the pics on the computer and upload them to walmart to pic up today. If I wait for Bleek, the place might be closed.

Made me realize that we really need to get a new family photo done!! The last official photo was back when Logan was a baby!

Dinner last night was so fun. Pad thai turned out super yummy and the company was the best. Jill wanted to see what wii fit was like so we played it for awhile. Omg, we were laughing so hard my face was hurting!!! There is this exercise where you stand on the balance board and have to flap your arms like a chicken. No one and I mean no one can look cool doing it. So funny!

Today I realized I am out of cheques which is truly crummy considering all I see to do during back to school is write cheques. Sucks, I will have to figure out something soon.

Free weekend went well. People were pulling up with pick ups full of stuff. If you are one of those Debbie Travis type of people, I guess yesterday would have been awesome. The only thing that's left now is some kids shoes and old mop handles. If it doesn't get picked up by supper I'll go chuck it in the backlane.

Hmmm, clearly appear to be rambling now. Mo (my roomba vacuum) is cleaning the boys rooms so I am going to have some coffee and watch, "say yes to the dress"- total guilty pleasure show.

Bomber game today- gave our tickets to Stephen and Uncle Les, hope they have a great time and the bombers pull out a win!!!!


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