Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best. Day.

So fun.

Lunch with the girls was great. We have decided to start a Splurge group. Once a month we will all get together and do something awesome, new, fun, thrilling... whatever.  Today was lunch a Buccachino's in the village. So good.  After, we went shopping at some of the Osborne shops (which I know and love).  We hit Desart, which is completely one of my favorite places in the city. I had to make a mental note to keep my wallet in my purse.... that place can be deadly :)

For some mid afternoon "fun" I finished painting the bathroom.  Still a few spots to touch up, but it's good enough for the moment.

Next up MAMA MIA!  Oh emm Gee.  This show was amazing from start to finish.  It also didn't hurt that we were in the 2nd row... THANKS JEN!  It was such a funny show - I knew about the ABBA singing, but I didn't realise how much comedy is in it.  By the end when they were doing the encore, the entire audience was standing and you could feel the floor banging with the beat.  A good time was had by all. Heather is so fun, glad she was able to come with.

So that's it for today... another Saturday in the books.  Tomorrow is Z's party!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHH!  11 little boys in my house all hopped up on sugar and enthusiasm!  Bring it ON!


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