Wednesday, September 22, 2010

As fast as a speeding bullet....

Egad... and so it begins. Two birthday parties this weekend for the boys. Zach has to be at his friend's for 1:50, Logan's friend's starts at 2pm, I think. I may have to double check that one.

Trouble is Zach's party is out in St. James and Logan's is somewhere in St. Vital, so in ten minutes I have to cross the city. Hmm... this calls for SUPER MUM! Crap... my cape is in the wash.

In other non-related, but still recent news, Bleek turned the heat on, so that's great, but then I decided to go for a run in the gym with the door closed and heated that little room up something fierce, so now it feels extrordinarily hot in here. I swear, there is a 3 degree window where I am actually comfortable.

I have recently decided I hate my hair and need a change. I temporarily was thinking about a pixie, but in polling some friends, they very politely guided me in a different direction...I have been stuck in "bob" land for quite a while so I definitely need a change. Trouble is, i am missing the hair styling gene. If it goes beyong blow drying, it's beyond me... all those funky punked out styles I love so much morph into rather sadistic looking bobs if I am left to my own devices, so I am back to the drawing (cutting?) board...


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