Friday, October 17, 2014

Has it really been a week already?

First of the wedding was amazing.  The weather was gorgeous for the outdoor ceremony.

Court and Dale looked radiant.  It was such a nice event.  I think I did a decent job as Emcee, so that was nice as well.  The decorations were country rustic and were just amazing.  

 We drove home after the wedding around midnight or so.  I had to work on Sunday and Logan and Zach had hockey.  Made for a very busy day, but Monday was nice.  We didn't have the traditional thanksgiving dinner, but we were all together and that's what matters anyways.

Yesterday night my new dining set arrived.  The table comes with 4 chairs, but we ordered 2 extra.  Then we found out the whole set was discontinued, so  I asked if we could buy the floor model (at a discount of course).  But the problem with that is the floor model only had 4 chairs.

The chairs themselves have a leather seat, so we ordered two complimentary chairs for each end of the table in total leather.  I think it looks quite nice!

Tomorrow my sectional arrives.... CANNOT wait for that!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Every day there is something.

Holy Mother of Busy Batman.

Every day this week has been crazy.
Monday I had to clean the house in preparation for Tuesday.
Tuesday was three things.  First, in the morning, I had a massage to help sort of the craziness of my back hurting as of later.  Second was meeting with Courtney to go for dinner to and discuss my Emcee duties at her wedding this weekend.  Third, Brad was having his Diamond Fantasy Hockey Draft at the house. 20 people doing 14 rounds of a hockey draft.
Wednesday - Logan had track and field (he came in 4th in his age group!) and I had to return my marked student papers. Plus I was working overtime.
Thursday - Tonight is Walking with Dinosaurs at the MTS center.  Zach loves dinos and is crazy pumped.   Logan is game for anything but he isn't quite as jacked at Zach. I also have a guy coming to measure blinds for the back door to the deck.  Hopefully he comes before we have to leave!
Friday - Theatre!  Debbie and I are heading out to see Sherlock Holmes at MTC.
Saturday - This is where things get crazy.  I have a hair appointment in the morning, then we are rushing out for the wedding ceremony.  From there we hit the reception where I am Emceeing and then we are heading home because I have CGA work and the boys have hockey.
Sunday Hockey and marking.... on loop.
Monday - Hopefully I will be done marking and we will be able to have a nice thanksgiving dinner, but after that week, I am going to need to just veg out!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hockey is in full swing.

Logan had 5 tryout skates. 5!!!

In the end he made A2 and he was thrilled.  Not only did he make A2, but he is with all of his buddies, Alex, Connor, Rylan and Seth C.  The sad/happy part is that Logan's best friend Seth D. made A1 as a goalie, so he won't be on the team.  Sad because they love playing together and happy because good for Seth for making A1.

It does suck though because Debbie and I won't get to see as much of each other during hockey season, so to remedy that we got season tickets to MTC!  Friday night is now our new girls night.  Awesome.  The list of plays looks great this season, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hook, Cabaret!

Zach is still working on tryouts.  He's had 3 so far with one more on Saturday.  He's on the bubble between A2 and A3.  A lot of families do hockey camps to prep for tryouts and stuff.  That's great if your kids are into it, mine aren't.  They like playing hockey, but they are quite content to get off the ice in March, to get back on in September and get that break in between.

Zach got new skates this year and the blisters they are causing are unbelievable!  They are enormous.  One on his right instep is about the size of half a credit card.  I was shocked.  Brad had been wrapping his foot up, so hopefully the blisters heal and he can skate without pain soon.

In the meantime, I am back to marking papers again. I am doing a totally different course and it's definitely not in my comfort zone, but I think it will be good for me.

So between quarter end, hockey tryouts and practices, marking papers and getting house renos done (crown molding on cabinets, electrical/surveillance upgrades), I've been a little busy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

C'mon Down!

Since we are all moved in it became apparent we needed some new furniture. The priority on that list was the dining room table, it was looking decidedly ghetto (Brad HATES it when I say that, but it's true).

The table was our first purchase when we moved into our second apartment over 12 years ago.  Add to that moving three times, two kids and well, it's looking a little haggard.  Plus the chairs that came with it have long since fallen apart and so the seating at this point is somewhat of a hodge podge.

It didn't stand out so much in the old house, so it really wasn't a priority.  Fast forward to new house, where we have a very open concept living/dining/kitchen area.   In comparison with the new cabinets and hardwoods it just exemplifies how old this table is.

I had been looking for awhile. In fact, Sunday night as I was ordering some bar stools for the island online, I almost purchased a dining room set as well, but I changed my mind at the last minute as I felt it was too pricey.

Looked online at the Brick, Dufrense and didn't really see anything that I liked.  I didn't want something crazy high end, although I did want leather/leather-esque seats.

I don't really know what made me think of Kern Hill Furniture, but somehow I ended up on their website.  Kern Hill is a Winnipeg Institution.  The iconic radio ads saying "C'mon Down to Kern Hill Furniture Co-Op" have been around since the 70s.  Plus, there is something to be said for buying local.

You know what?  Their prices are really competitive.  We found a table/chair set that we liked...

The price on the table was so good that I started looking around the store for living room stuff.  From the get go I knew that I wanted a leather sectional. Kern Hill is actually a Palliser dealer.  So one thing led to another and we bought this..

With two exceptions;
1. Ours will be chocolate brown leather. 100% leather on every surface. I found out that some couches will have leather seating and then a leatherette match on the sides to keep the costs down.   That wasn't available on this model, so it's all leather which didn't exactly help the price point. Gulp!

2. We deleted the arm rest on the left side and added a bumper instead. So the right will have the chaise and the left will have a rounded edge like this:

We then realized that our coffee table wouldn't work with the new sectional configuration, so we got this Ashley furniture circular one:

The coffee table is cool in that it has these four stools that pull out for extra seating if you need. Slick.

The beauty of dealing with local guys is that there is sometimes flexibility with pricing.  The sales guy came back with a total for all the thing we wanted.  It was reasonable to be honest, but I am a Winnipegger born and bred and I want a deal.  So I told the guy we'd think about it as we were going to check out the Palliser Outlet on Kernaghan.

He told us to hold on and he'd go see what he could do.  He came back and had knocked $700 off the combined total.


Dining room/Coffee table will be delivered within the week.  The sectional is a custom order, so that one will take about a month or so.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Tryouts, Goose Camp and one heck of an afterparty

That was a busy weekend.

I have begun to realize that 9 out of 10 weekends are like this however.

This weekend Brad went out to the cabin for Courtney and Dale's wedding social.  I would have loved to go, but I had to stay back and work.  So Brad went on my behalf.  He also went to get in a little good hunting before the social.

It was Brad's first time goose hunting and they did well. I am not sure if Dale shot the goose or Brad did, but either way Brad came home with a dressed bird for the freezer.  I don't think I've ever had goose.  Our freezer is starting to have more wild game than regular chicken and beef.  Pretty cool actually.

After Goose Camp (or that's what I called it), they all got ready for the social.  Country folk know how to party.  Brad went with my Dad to the social which ended somewhere north of 1 am.  Not to be swayed, they (all the guests) headed over to the Glenboro bar to continued the * ahem* well mannered frivolity.  Once the bar closed, they headed to the campground.  No one wanted to drink and drive, so many of those who live on the outskirts of town (Brad included) set up shop in the campground.  There were campers, RVs, tents... you name it.  They all arranged them in a sort of circle with a campfire in the middle and partied till the sun came up.

Honestly, it sounded awesome and I'm sorry I missed it.

Meanwhile, back at Twick, I had to get Logan to his hockey tryouts.  Considering I don't have my licence back (still waiting on a neurologist appointment come January), my Mum drove us.  I was somewhat nervous because Logan hadn't been on the ice since March.  But I needn't have worried.  He did a great job.

Second tryouts were Sunday at Glenwood. That rink hasn't had proper heat since the boys started playing hockey years ago. Before the season started last year, they posted signs that they were working on renovations including new seats and heaters.  Well the season came and went... No heat.

So we all sort of figured that in the off season they would have got is sorted out.  Nope.  Just a sign posted that they are still working on the heat.

In and amongst all of that, I was marking papers.  It s a completely different course than I used to marking, so it's a bit of a challenge in that regard.  However, I think it'll be good for me.

Sunday night I was pretty done.  Just sat on the couch nestled under an enormous afghan and watched some Outlander.

Jamie is ma favorite teuchter 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sad Week

It's been a sad week.

First we lost Brad's Grandad.  Grandad was in his nineties.  It had been a very hard go of it for him. Grandma had a stroke last year and has been in the hosptial ever since.  This was obviously difficult, but made even more so by the fact that Grandad is blind and Grandma was his eyes. The transition without her being around him was extremely difficult.  So we take solace in the fact that his struggle is now over and he is in a better place.

Rest in peace Grandad.

Then later this week, my friend Debbie lost her step dad Rick.  Debbie is an only child like me and I really empathized with what she was going through.  Being an only child is difficult in these situations because you don't have any siblings to help you through the process. Yes, you may have a spouse or close friends, but it's not the same.

Brad and I went to the funeral today to show our support for Debbie and her family.  Her boys were very brave and did extremely well during the service.

Rest in peace Rick.

That's the strange thing about getting older, it's a gift, but it comes with the sadness of having to say goodbye to loved ones.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mattress is ordered.

Friday night we ordered the bed.

It will be delivered on Tuesday.  Which will make it just over a week since I started sleeping on the floor.  

The new mattress is called "Wistful" which isn't exactly a name I would associate with a comfortable nights rest, however, if it can help me get 7 hours of sleep without my back going into spasms, I could care less what it's called.

After buying a mattress, we then went grocery shopping.  Now if that isn't a fun Friday night when you are a 9 or 11 year old boy, I don't know what is.

Saturday Logan had a bowling get together with his friend Cam.    Logan has been missing Cam since he changed schools this year.  Cam if you recall has special needs, but to Logan, he's just Cam.  It really warms my heart to see them together and whenever Cam says "Logan", my heart melts a little.

This visit was amazing. Cam has grown so much!  Plus his speech has gotten so much better, he can bowl on his own AND for the first time (for me, not Cam), I saw him smiling and laughing.  So cool.

Sunday was my marker meeting.  I am marking papers for CGA again this year, but I am marking a new course, so I wanted to sit down with someone who has marked it before.  Brenda was gracious enough to give up an hour of her Sunday to sit down with me.  I feel much more confident about it now that I know how the program works a bit better.

 After that it was a short visit with Jill and Jason (and their fur babies Ruby and Lacey) before we headed home.

Sundays are rapidly becoming my favorite day of the week because on Sunday evenings Outlander comes on.  Holy Mother. So good.  The book (which is now a tv series) was even name checked on my other favorite show...

Yup.  Pretty much. But the setting is gorgeous and the story line is solid.  If you haven't read the books,  DO.  So worth the read.

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