Monday, July 28, 2014

Lots going on

There is so much going on in my life and my family!

Such an exciting time.

We picked up the boys from camp on Saturday.  They had a really good time.  They filled us in on all of the shenanigans that they got up too.

Saturday I also took my Mum to get an iphone.  This way she can take pictures and text.  All good.  It took awhile to get it all sorted out, but we got it done.

Found out Saturday afternoon that my cousin Brent proposed to his girlfriend Kim, so Preston wedding is on the horizon!!  YAY!

Sunday we took the boys to home depot to pick colors for their room. Logan picked a very bright orange called "Fireworks"  (2nd in the pick) and Zach a rich blue called "Deep River" (2nd in the pick)

Whew! Going to be bright!  Hey, I figure it's just paint and who doesn't need a little color in their lives?  We did go to check out the house on the weekend, but the contractors were working non stop.  All Saturday and Sunday.  From the looks of it they were installing flooring.

Sunday Mum came over because she is taking the boys out to the cabin Monday and then on to Lake William later on.  She got an email from my Uncle with some news.....

Owen and Whitney are expecting.

Owen is like an older brother to me, in actuality he's my cousin.  I was so very happy for him when he found Whitney.  To see him so happy with her makes me smile because he deserves that.  To find out that they are expecting?  Cherry on top.

Add to all of that the fact that we get the keys to the house on Thursday?  Big News week on the Preston family front.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Off to Camp

The boys left yesterday for Camp.

The drive to the drop off was so funny.  Deb and I were int he van just listening to her two and my two just chatter non-stop.  It was pretty evident that they were excited.

Logan had really bad separation anxiety the past two weeks at the cabin with Mum & Dad.  So we sat down with him and asked him how he was going to handle it.  What he said was so poignant that it made me pause.

He said, "Last week I was with my family and I didn't hide how I was feeling.  You're supposed to show your feelings around family".


He then went on to say that it will be different at camp.  At the cabin, he only had his brother for a distraction.  But he's going to camp with a group of kids including his best friend. He told me that Seth was nervous about being away from home too, so Logan said that they will help eachother.

That kid is just something else. I honestly was no where near as wise when I was his age.

Zach was good to go. He'd been to Camp before, so he knew what to expect.  Plus, he was hopefully going to be in a cabin with all the same kids as last year as we all took steps to request them as cabin mates. Hopefully that all works out.  They were on the same bus going down to camp, so that's a start.

Today we are hopefully going to be checking on the house.  We haven't been inside in over a week.  There has been some juggling of showhomes and so our realtor has been moving around a bit.  We need to get the key from her and since we have not been able to get in touch with her, we couldn't get the key.

We get possession in 9 days. 9 DAYS.   So far we are still missing (or we were last week, might be done now).
1. Flooring (hardwoods - main floor, carpet upstairs, vinyl in bathrooms.
2. Plumbing fixtures - sink, taps, toilets etc.  Bathtub and showers are in though.
3. Lighting fixtures - electrical is done, but the fixtures (pendant lights, chandeliers etc) need to go in.
4. Closet organizerss
5. Doors on bedrooms/closets etc.

Then the whole place needs a BIG cleaning to get rid of all of the construction dust.  The builder arranges that thank goodness.  The list seems long, but flooring is a one day (maybe two) job.  But the Plumbing/Electrical guys can both be in the house at the same time as the flooring guys, so I'm sure it will all be done in time.

More packing tonight. Brad is going to take the boys Loft beds apart. I am going to finish packing the downstairs bathroom and clean it, so it will be DONE.

One room down, 11 to go.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wax On - Wax Off

I should preface most of my stories with the fact that I am an idiot. It would save so much time.

Last night was the Bomber game (which sucked in an of itself because we got blown out by the Eskimos). We had a great time tailgating with George and Brett.  George brought all of the fixings for dinner, it was great!

Got to our seats and I went to put in my earplugs.  Most that know me are aware I have hearing loss.  So I take steps to protect what I have.  Bomber Games are really loud, so I buy these wax ear plug things to block the sound out. I have tried all sorts of earplugs, but the wax ones block out the sound the best.  I have used them many times in the past with no problems.  However, yesterday was a little different.

I was getting the earplugs into place.  You basically take a little nub of this pliable wax, roll it into a ball and squish it in your ear.  Sounds pleasant I know.  My right earplug did not go in right the first time, so I went to remove it to try again. This is what I will call the TSN turning point of the the game.

A piece of the wax broke off. I used the term "broke off" lightly because this stuff has the consistency putty.  But nonetheless, some was stuck in my ear.

In my infinite wisdom I thought I would use the gum-on-face technique to get it out.  You know when you were a kid and you blew a bubble and it popped all over your face and you used the gum in your mouth to remove all the bits stuck to your face? That technique. On a side note, now that I think about it, the gum-on-face technique is actually pretty gross.

Anyways, I thought that if I put the wax earplug (or the bit that I still had) back in my ear, it would stick to the piece that broke off and I could pull out the lot.  In theory the logic is sound.  In practice, I only succeeded in shoving the lost piece of earplug deeper in my ear.

What I should have done was NOTHING.  When Brad looked in my ear, he could see the earplug, so if I had waited, he would have easily been able to get it out at home.  What I did was keep attempting to get it out and made it even worse.

It felt like I was underwater.  It was such an uncomfortable feeling having this earplug stuck, that I was somewhat desperate to get it out. So I found some first aid people at the game to see if they had tweezers and could try.  They did try, but were scared of making it worse and told me to go to the hospital.

Going to the hospital was something I was not interested in doing at all. However, I also couldn't spend much more time with this lime green earplug stuck either.  When we got home, I found a long cuticle pusher thing and gave it to Brad to see if he could get it out.  But he did not have much luck.

It was time to take matters into my own hands... or ear I should say.  It was actually easier for me to get it out than Brad.  Although I couldn't see what I was doing, I was able to feel and could stop when I got close to my eardrum.  It took a couple tries, but I got the ear plug out, in all it's lime green splendor.

Ear is a little sore today from all the poking around. Brad took at look with the light and was pretty sure I got it all, so that's a good thing.

Honestly it amazes me how I get into these things.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bomber Game

Tonight is the Bomber Game.  So tailgating is on.

We have gotten progressively better at it!  The first time or two we forgot stuff, but now it's a well oiled machine.  I think that I like the tailgating with friends/family as much as the game itself.

Tonight's tailgate/game is special because Brad's Dad and his brother are coming out.  We have 4 tickets to each game and since the boys are at the cabin, we gave the tickets to George and Brett.

It will be George's first game at Investors Group Stadium. It's such a difference from the old stadium, I really hope he enjoys it!

In other news, had a bit of a freak out today.  I talked to Mum yesterday morning to get my morning update on how the boys are doing.  She said she would text later that evening and let me know what they did that day.  So when I got home from work, I texted her.

No response.

So no big deal, I figured they were having supper or something, but that she would text after.  10 pm, still no text.  So I texted her again.

No response.

Called her.

No response.

Ok, maybe they went to bed early. No worries, I'm sure she will call in the am.

But this morning, there was no update and she hadn't responded to any of my other texts.

And now my mind is running amuk, because that's what I do.

So I texted my friend Dale to see if he wouldn't mind going over there if he was in the area to make sure they are alright.  Which of course he did, because he's just amazing.

Turned out Mum's phone died.  Reasonable explanation I know, but still. GEES, little protective of my boys over here!!

Everyone are doing well, but going a little buggy. Literally.  With all the rain and dense vegetation around the cabin, the bugs are having a free for all. Ordinarily the boys would be outside from dawn to dusk, but they can't now because it isn't enjoyable at all.   Plus Logan reacts like I do to the bug bites (aka BAD) so I feel sorry for everyone.  It's not fun to be cooped up in a cabin 24-7.

They were planning on coming home tomorrow anyways, so I told them to come home a day early.  Brad and I still have to work, but at least they could hang out bug free in the city.  I am not sure what they decided, but I'll find out soon I guess.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bugs, Bites and a Bath in Calamine

Weekend was relaxing.

Didn't do much of anything.  Just hung out with the boys, avoided the thunderstorm, snuggled down under fluffy comforters and watched movies.


The only thing that was bad was the bugs.  With all the rain, the mosquitoes are crazy, vicious little suckers.  I am completely covered in bites and I didn't even spend that much time outside.

Saturday night, I went to bed under a huge duvet.  I left one foot out of the covers (for temperature regulation purposes) and  the mosquitoes took my toes and *ahem* shapely ankles to be sacrificial lambs.

I have bites on top of bites, bites between my toes it's crazy.  I had to go and buy calamine lotion at lunch. I was scratching so much I was bleeding.  Not good.

Somehow I inexplicably got bites on my inner thighs, which is just bizarre, because I wasn't exactly walking around this weekend in hot pants.  None the less, the bites are there.  But there is no tactful way to scratch your inner thighs without drawing extremely disturbed looks from coworkers.  Thus the reason I needed the calamine.

This is the boys last week at the cabin. Mum and  Dad plan on bringing them home Friday night.  I then have two days to get them ready for camp - They leave next Monday for another week.  sigh.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Washer, Dryers and Stoves oh my!

Appliances have been purchased.


It is rare for me to spend that much money in that short of a span of time.  The frugal girl in me was having a bit of a meltdown when I saw the purchase prices.  The sales guy (who I will now fondly refer to as Fridge McDishwasher) was walking us around giving us information on each one.

Honestly, I learned more than I ever care to about dishwashers.  What I will say now is that I owe the dishwasher at home a bit of an apology, apparently you are supposed to do monthly  maintenance on them.  Am I the only person who did not know that?

The guy went on and on... and on... about dishwashers. I just wanted to interrupt him and say, "Yeah, that's great, we'll take the shiny one over there."   We chose a Kitchen Aid  one with a pocket handle and control on the front (instead of the inside top of the door) Apparently he was quite tickled with the one we chose because it was the model that he has at home. Wonderful. We are appliance buddies.

I will give the dude credit for his knowledge though, because he stopped me from making what I think would have been a mistake.  I wanted a fridge that had a separate drawer.  They look like this:

Why did I want one?  Not going to lie, they looked cool - that's about it.  However, Fridge McDishwasher pointed put that by getting that drawer, you lose 2 crispers for your fruits/veggies and you basically have to use the drawer for fruits/veggies, but because of the space lost to install a drawer, there isn't much.  Thank you Mr. McDishwasher! You're my new best friend, I would have never realized that if he hadn't pointed it out. (not even being sarcastic, I am really glad he mentioned that!).

So instead we got a Maytag French door with water/ice dispenser and freezer on the bottom. (it even has a tucked away slot for frozen pizza!).

I was very specific about the kind of oven I wanted.  Initially, I really wanted wall ovens.   However, it just didn't happen.  The reason why I wanted wall ovens was so I could cook two things at once (turkey and pie for example).  So I got the next best thing, a double oven.  I sacrificed the bottom pan drawer (because I have a lot of storage space in the new house and opted for the second oven, This one was KitchenAid as well.

As for washer and dryers, I had been humming and hawing.  Did I want a front load or top load?  In the end I got a Samsung Front Load Washer/Dryer with vibration reduction technology as well as a steam option.  This one I am looking forward to. Have a wrinkled item?  Throw it in the steam cycle on the dryer for 10 min.  Wrinkles gone. Love.  I had lofty plans of getting the pedestals but McDishwasher said that if you have main floor laundry, putting the appliances on pedestals will accentuate the vibrations.  So we opted out.

Incidentally, Samsung is the only washer/dryer that comes with all of the connection hoses.  Maytag, Whirlpool etc all make you buy them separate as they call them an accessory. I would not go so far as to call the hoses that are required to bring water into a WASHER an accessory.

The suggested retail price would have put everything (including shipping/taxes over $9,000.  Gulp.

However, by going to a wholesale place, you don't pay that retail price.  Plus we had builder discount credit and so we got the price down about $2,500.  Nice nice nice.

Everything I wanted AND under budget?  That is a win for us.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Packing Sucks

My house is a sea of boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap and tape.

I did manage to get some stuff packed up last night. Two huge boxes of glass ware (slightly concerned as to where it is all going to go because 1/2 of the glasses came from the wet bar in the basement and the new house doesn't have that). and some of the boys toys.

As much as I pack, there just seems to be more.  It's like  a reverse version of those containers of mixed greens.  They squash it down to pack it.  So as you take some out, the rest of the greens expand and make it look like you haven't even used any.  Ok.. so that analogy was a bit of a stretch.  But stay with me.

Tonight however is appliances. New, shiny, stainless steel marvels of modern technology.

It's ever so slightly overwhelming when there is so many choices, brands and options.    We are going to Coast Wholesale Appliances for a bunch of reasons. 1) It was recommended by friends of ours. 2) We get a discount and special "Builder Pricing".  However, I have seen what the builder has charged us for things, so "Builder Pricing" doesn't exactly get me excited.  But the thrifty girl in me is going to win out.  If it's on sale it's fair game.

One more sleep and I get to see the boys.  Oh goodness. I miss them. I knew I would miss them, but I really wasn't prepared for exactly how much.  I just have to hang on for one more day and then I can immerse myself in their hugs and kisses.  Cannot wait.
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