Monday, October 17, 2016


This past weekend Brad was at the cabin hunting with Zach (Zach got two ducks!).  Logan was supposed to go given that he passed his hunter safety, but he didn't want to go.

Brad really wanted Logan to get his Hunter safety and I'm glad that Logan did.  Honestly though, I don't think it's his thing.  We wanted him to get it so that if he does take an interest, he will be all set.  Also, given your entire family is into hunting, it's likely a good idea that you know what you're doing anyways.

I knew that I was going to be working all weekend, so I was kind of hoping that Logan would go.  I explained to him that if he stayed home, we would be going downtown on the weekend.  Logan likes coming to the office, so that was fine with him.

Friday night after Brad and Zach left, Logan decided that he wanted a hair cut and wanted to dye his bangs red.  I called a few salons.  The hair cut was super cheap given that he's only 11.  But if we were to add in the bang color it would be $70.

Listen kid, I love you.  But I don't even spend that much on my hair.  Plus we didn't even know if he was going to like it.  We came up with a solid compromise.  I would take him to get his hipster haircut  (shaved all around but with one slide long on top) and then I would dye his bangs.  Logan wanted them bright red.  I had gone online and looked and one of the products with the better review was called Mani Panic.  It chemical free and has a bunch of really bright colors.  Trouble was I couldn't find it.  I looked online at walmart and they had some colors, but not the red Logan was looking for.  London drugs didn't have it either, but they did have something that looked like it could work.

Since Brad took the truck to the cabin Logan and I jumped on the big rolling turd and headed to the mall.    Our plan was to get the haircut, pick up the dye from Logan drugs and head home.  But as flukes would have it, we actually stumbled (quite literally) onto manic panic!

I don't usually take the bus to the mall, so we entered in a set of doors I wouldn't ordinarily go in.  St. Vital has all these hallways in it and this particular one is not one I usually go down.

 Anyways, we were walking by some kiosks on our way to the salon.  But as we were walking I dropped my phone.  I bent down to grab it and when I stood up, a glass display case with manic panic was staring me in the face.    I can't remember the name of the kiosk, but it sold a lot of hippy-esque things.  Girl working the counter was super great, gave us some tips and tricks.

Arrived at the salon riding high off the dye find  and Logan went straight in.  The place was packed there wasn't any place to sit in the waiting room so I randomly wandered around the place looking at all of the ridiculously expensive shampoos.  After looking at two bottles I began to feel quite ghetto with my Pantene laced locks.

Amidst the racks was a delightful find.  A brush phone.  It's a regular bristle brush on one side, but a phone case/mirror on the other specifically designed for taking selfies. Seriously.

We have peaked as a species.

Logan came out looking spiffy.  From there we made our way back to the big rolling turd and headed home.  I rooted around my drawers and found a craft brush.  Since the color was so bright I wanted to make sure it only went where it was supposed to.  The directions said to saturate the hair and leave on for as long as you like, but at least 20 minutes.  There are no chemicals (it's vegan) and so doesn't pose any risks to burning your hair off.  After painting on the color you were supposed to wrap it up in a shower cap.  Since we were only doing his bangs, we opted for saran wrap.  Behold the beauty.
I told him to smile....sigh.

We left it on quite a long time and I was beyond nervous with how it was going to turn out.  My back up plan was that if it went sideways, we would just go back and dye it all brown.

Luckily though, it turned out well and Logan loved it.

Saturday morning we got up and left for work.  Logan packed a feed bag, some math homework and his ipad.  There wasn't anyone here, so we got him set up at an empty desk.  He thought it was pretty cool.  Oh sweetie.  The novelty wears off.

Logan had been invited over to his friends place that night and if we took a bus we would have been really late, so I opted to take a cab home.

Logan's buddy Seth lives close by car, but it takes about a half hour to walk or a 15 minute bike.  With it getting dark early now, I didn't want him going by himself, so when we got home, we dumped our stuff and cycled over.

Since Stella had been in her room all day, I took her with us to Seth's place.  I have a bike basket, so she snuggled in there quite nicely and came along for the ride.

I dropped Logan off and started to cycle home.  Stella was more comfortable this time and started leaning out of the basket.  I made it home without her jumping out, but she made my heart stop a few times. A few hours later, I went and picked up Logan.  He had insisted on wearing shorts and just a hoodie on the way over and I knew he was going to freeze on the way home, which he did... but hey that's how you learn.

Sunday Logan had a bright idea that he wanted to do a candy challenge with his friends Hudson and Dana.  As I have been informed, I candy challenge consists of obtaining a bunch of obscure candy (that you have never tried before) and do a taste testing of sorts.

Of course we didn't have any obscure candy in the house, so we jumped on the bikes and went to Sobey's.  He picked up:

 - Wine Gums
 - Big Turk (turkish delight or something?)
 - Black licorice
 - Eat more
 - Seasame snaps
 - Yogurt Gummies

They then proceed to video tape the whole taste testing extravaganza.  I watched the video on Logan's channel and it made me laugh... although I got on him about his excessive use of the work "Cr*p".  It's hard thought since I have a potty mouth myself.  Cursing is a privilege of adulthood is how I attempted to sell it.

I have seen wine gums and big turk bars for my entire life and never tried them, nor have I seen anyone else try them.  Someone must be buying them or they would have stopped producing them. I do like those sesame snap things though.

Licorice all sorts technically fall into the candy category, but since I used to watch my Grandmother eat them to keep her bowels regular, they aren't something that I seek out if looking for a treat.

You can watch their video here : Candy Challenge

Brad and Zach got home a few hours after the taste testing.  As he was just about to sit down and relax for the night, Brad got two emails.  Both boys had hockey practice that night.

I took one for the team and offered to take both boys.  It took a bit of coordinating, take Logan to one place, drop Zach off at his, go back and watch a bit of Logan's, head back and watch a bit of Zach's, pick him up and then head back to Logan's rink to get him.

Well coordinated flight of the bumblebee.

It wasn't necessarily the most relaxing of weekends, but it was a good one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It's that time again!


I love MTC.  The arts community is just amazing.

Royal MTC has a good lineup at the mainstage this year. They even have a play about the Queen!

Generally speaking season tickets to MTC will run you about $330 (ish) for mid level seating.

My friend Debbie (my theatre date) got the deal last year from MTS, but we were unsure whether the deal would be available given that Bell took over.

I figured it was worth checking and lo and behold, IG has a theatre deal as well.  50% off tickets.  That's awesome!  So for $150 we get the full package of plays this year, such a good deal.

We opted for the Friday night plays because neither of us will usually work late on a Friday night.   Trying to make plans is always so hard when everyone is busy, so scheduling then way the h*ll in advance is the only way it's going to happen.

Sunflower Swirl
In keeping with the arts theme I have two paint nites coming up in November.  One with Debbie and Erin and the other with Jill.

I swear, if you keep your eyes open, there is a deal everywhere which puts a spring in this frugal girls step.  Groupon seems to have an ongoing deal with paint nite, so it's easy to get a night out with the girls for a sweet price.
Rainy Day

Erin took both the painting and the location into consideration (in addition to the date obviously).  I was more focused on the painting myself, but was pretty wide open.

Red/Grey just rules
End result is that we will be painting the "Sunflower Swirl" at the Kings Head and "Rainy Day" at Saffron's.   I like the Rainy Day painting better,  I've noticed that I tend to prefer the darker/somber paintings better.  Not sure what that means since I generally consider myself to be a fairly upbeat person. Maybe it's more the grey/red color scheme that I prefer.

Regardless, either one is a night out with the girls, so who cares right?  Worst case scenario is I give myself a holiday pour of wine and paint a giant smiley face smack dab in the middle of the canvas and call it a night.

Friday, September 30, 2016

'Tis but a dream

I am not one to go to bed early.  I mean I try to, but it never seems to happen.

Generally speaking if I crawl into bed before midnight I've made a real effort.

Tuesday night was just like any other, did the "I'm almost 40 and I don't want my neck looking like a rooster" skin regime, got into bed and read a chapter or two of my latest book.

Side note: Currently reading The little old lady who broke all the rules.  It's a pretty decent charming read.

I have to read prior to falling asleep; simply reading a chapter or two and I instantly fall asleep..  Not sure why, but if I don't I end up just laying there wide awake for ages.

I finished reading, snuggled down with Stella (who has now found a home in our bed) and drifted off into blissful slumber.

It seemed like 5 minutes later and I was woken up by a train whistle.  Now the adult thing would be to write that it sounded like some relentless forlorn call into the night.  But honestly, the more accurate description is WOOOO WOOOO!

It was freaking loud.  It woke Stella up, woke me and yet somehow my lovely spouse who wakes up if I roll over, was unfazed.

I rolled over and look at the clock and it said 1:15 am.  Although, that wasn't the real time because Brad does this sort of time travelling central/standard bedroom time where he puts the clock forward.  All that really happens is that I end up having to do time math in my head, but I have since given that up, so for the sake of argument, let's call it 1 am.

If the whistle blew once, I could make my peace with it, but it wasn't once.  It was a 3 second whistle, followed by a minute or two of silence followed by another whistle, on loop.  I'm not exactly how long it went on for, but when you are trying to sleep it feels like an eternity.

Thankfully at some point it stopped and I was able to go back to sleep.

Fast forward to Wednesday night.  Again, I went through my usual "I'm almost 40 and I don't want my neck looking like a rooster" skin regime, got into bed and read a chapter or two of my latest book.

Around 4 am, I was woken up to the sound of my neighbors dark barking.  It's a big dog and the Woofing (again, hard to describe the sounds of things without make it sounds like a children's book) non stop.  This time, it woke all three of us up.  The dog just wouldn't stop.  Evidently my neighbor Herb had fallen asleep and forgot he left the dog outside who finally decided that he'd had enough and started to voice his complaint.

After the events of the night before, I was in no mood.  I'm got up and shut the window which was open due to the temperature Nazi. Now if I had been coming off of a full night of sleep from the previous evening, I likely would have handled it differently.  but in this case, my patience had worn thin and I yelled out "Shut UP!" as I closed the window.  Not proud of it, but there you have it.

Evening after my lapse in patience, the dog wouldn't stop.  It was so close to the time that Brad would ordinarily get up for work that he just said screw it and went to work.  I attempted to go back to sleep, but since the barking had woken up Stella, who now just wanted to play, it was futile.

Yesterday I was in a cloud of exhaustion, fueled only by my regular coffee spike with a triple shot of espresso.  The lady at starbucks gave me a judgmental glance when I placed my order, but it quickly turned sympathetic when she actually looked at the bags under my eyes.

Thankfully Thursday night was better and I got a full 6 hours.  But given the events of the previous couple nights, my sleep debt had yet to be repaid and it was rough getting up this morning.

It's Friday, so at least I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow.  Hurrah.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Grown Up

There is something about having a dinner party that make me feel grown up.

It's one thing to have friends over for well mannered frivolity with drinks and appetizers, but a sit down dinner with a full menu just feels different.

On Saturday night, we had one such dinner party.  The tricky thing was accommodating all of the dietary requirements.  I had to make a gluten free, lactose free, egg free, vegetarian (at least an option) dinner and dessert.

I had no idea what to make.  Gluten is a tough one. It's in everything from salad dressings to hot dogs. In the end I decided to make a BBQ maple salmon with a pumpkin risotto, field green salad and a cake for dessert (more on the cake later).

Saturday was a busy day for me.  With people coming over I had to clean the house obviously.  However, someone had to watch Stella while I was cleaning though.  Ordinarily Brad would have done it except that he was busy.  Logan had been studying for a few weeks for his hunter safety exam.

Little side track here.  There are two ways to take the hunter safety exam.  You either go sit in the class all day long and then take the exam/practical or you take the 8 hours of online courses and just go in for the exam.  We opted for the latter.  Brad worked hard with Logan and Saturday was exam day.

I was nervous. Logan had been studying but didn't do so hot on the practice exam.  Since this is a hunter safety exam, you can't just get 50% to pass.  You need to get 96%.  No joke.  I had been trying to buoy up his confidence all week and really hoped that the nerves wouldn't get to him.

The exam was at Cabela's, so on Saturday Brad took Logan.  I was worried because if he failed he would be in a foul mood and he had hockey tryouts right after and I didn't want him to crap out on tryouts because of it.

Logan showed up for the exam.  He was by far the youngest at 11 years old.  The rest of the class was grown men.  The other guys were taking the full day course and were on their lunch break in the classroom.  Logan went up, wrote the exam and handed it to the instructor who quickly marked it.  100%!

Logan was so proud and as he was walking out of the classroom he called out, "Hey Dad! I got 100%!!".  Brad said it was pretty funny to see the looks on the guys faces.  No pressure guys, a kid just aced the exam... you better too.

After the exam they headed out to tryouts.  Meanwhile at home I was attempting to clean while looking after Stella which meant it took twice as long.  She's still a puppy and gets into all sorts of mischief as well as potential potty training mishaps, so you have to be vigilant with her.

I had to make sure I was done by 3pm, because my mum was picking me up to go to a 40th birthday party.  My cousin Angie who is fighting ovarian cancer was celebrating and given what's she going through, we felt that a bigger than normal party was called for.

It was potluck so I had to bring a dish.  Since I was super busy, I took the lazy route and brought a fruit tray.  Go ahead... judge away.  I had no time, so fruit tray it was.

The party was great.  Angie is looking so bright and happy.  It was really great to see.  The party was a com and go, so after a good, visit, I left the party so I could rush home to start supper.

I had previously skimmed the recipe to make sure that I had the ingredients, leeks, fresh pumpkin etc.  Jamie at work had brought pumpkins in, so it seems perfect to use one for the pumpkin risotto.  That was were things went sideways.

The dinner party was for 7 pm.  I started making dinner at 5:30.  Problem #1 was the fact that the pumpkin rind (Is that what it's called?) could have stopped a bullet.  A big bread knife wouldn't even touch it.   I broke another trying to get the knife into the pumpkin, albeit I was trying to use a hammer to bang it in.

I didn't know what to do, so I went into the garage and found a hatchet.  I cleaned and sterilized it and then went to town on this pumpkin.   It was an autumn massacre.  It worked, but holy was I sweating when I was done.   I cleaned out the pumpkin and threw it in the oven to roast.

With that on the go, I started on the rest of the recipe.  Olive oil - check, Minced Garlic - check, Leeks, wine and arborio rice?  check, check, check.   Saute in a pan until soft and then transfer to a crockpot for 3-4 hours....f***************ck.

I didn't have 4 hours as I didn't want to be eating dinner at 10 pm.  So instead of the crock pot, I opted for a giant stockpot instead.  Thankfully it turned out ok.  I didn't make the Salmon until everyone arrived since it wouldn't take too long.  All in all the dinner part turned out well.

On to dessert.  With all of the requirements, there was no way I was brave enough to attempt this cake.  So I found a local bakery to help me out.  Cocoa Bean bakery specializes in gluten free cakes which are also dairy free and can be made vegan. Ding Ding Ding!

Brad had picked up the cake on the way home from hockey, so we were all set.

With it being fall and with Brad being a sort of thermostat Nazi, the air conditioning was turned off.  It was a raining grey day on Saturday.  As a result the house was a little warm and humid.  But after all of the heat from cooking and it was downright rainforesty in my house Saturday night.

We didn't realize that the cake would be affected by it so much. When we opened the cake box to serve it, it was a little worse for the wear.  The top edges of the cake had been decorated with an icing trim, but the heat had caused this icing to fall off.  It looked as if the cake had thrown caution to the wind and stripped down.

Despite the rough exterior the cake was out of this world.  Even though I don't always require a gluten free cake, I'd go back for this one any day.  Highly recommended.

With the good dinner, wine flowing and great friends, it was a really great evening.  Since we all had such a great time, we've decided to start a supper club of sorts.  I can't wait.

I liken growing up to being a girl scout... and I think I just earned the dinner party badge.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Old Routines and some new ones

School has been back in swing for awhile now.

Boys seem to be settling in ok.  Logan's teacher is a real techy kind of guy and so the lesson's they get are presented in new ways, ipads, mimeo screens ( I'm pretty sure that's what they are called) among other ideas.

It's crazy.  When we were kids our days were quite limited.  Sit at your desk, look at the chalkboard, don't pass notes.  On loop.

Not now.  Now they have interactive screens, ipads, video conferencing.  I remember last year Logan's class got to Skype with some Canadian Olympic athletes.  SERIOUSLY!!

Wobble Chairs
Standing desks
As for the desk solutions... endless.  They have the regular chairs, wobble chairs that allow kids to move in a full 360 degree motion without tipping over, bean bags chairs, exercise balls, rockers... you name it.  For the kids who don't like to sit, they have standing desks in the back.  For the kids who get distracted with all of the classroom noise, they can sit in the hall and still participate in the lessons via ipad.

It is pretty cool actually, but I can't help be a little jealous.  School would have been a lot more fun.

Sigh... I feel old.

Logan has been getting some decent homework.  I know there are studies that say homework is bad for kids, but I can't understand that.  At some point they are going to be expected (even if it is university) to work on essays and projects that won't be completed in a lecture.  If they have never had to do that, how will they handle it.  Maybe I'm out to lunch.

Zach's in Grade 8 now.  He's grown so much.  Both physically and maturity wise.  He's now 5'9" after having grown a couple inches over the summer.  Brad said that he went through a similar thing, but I can tell you for certain that I never had a "3 inch summer".

He ahsn't had much in the way of homework yet or he hasn't got behind enough in his homework for the teacher to call yet.  The latter is far more likely.

So settling back into the school routine is old hat.  Settling into routines with Stella?.... still learning.

She's like a baby.  You can't leave her alone, you have to get up in the middle of the night to take her out for a pee...etc etc.  I don't mind, it just adds a bit more chaos to our mornings.  I take her out as soon as I get up and then after breakfast one of the boys has to take her for a walk around the bay.

She's been doing good and even starting to go to the door by herself when she has to go out.    She still has accident during the day in her room when we are out simply because her wee little bladder can't hold it for that long.  But the accidents when we are home seem to have decreased.  It's weird though, she'll have a accident free couple days and the boom! out of nowhere 3 accidents in a day.

It's sweet to come home and have her some tearing at you for hugs and kisses.  It makes you feel pretty loved.  As much as the puppy stage is adorable, I'm really looking forward to when she's a bit more self sufficient.  All in due time.

Monday, September 12, 2016


It's weird to think how times have changed.

In my head, I'm still young, but when I stop and think about it, it makes me feel really old and that's ok..

For instance:

  •  I sent my first email in UNIVERSITY
  •  I dated before cell phones, facebook, twitter and all social media
  •  Dial up internet and the ear piercing symphony that came with it was a real thing, including being super impatient waiting for someone to get off the phone so you could get online.
  • I went to "Ask Jeeves" instead of google for awhile....seriously.
With this in mind I can only imagine what it must be like for my 90 year old Grandmother. So showing her things like my cell phone, face timing with her sister in England, ipads and social media are just mind boggling.

We try to get over and visit GG as much as we can, but it is hard with work, school, hockey and everything.  But when we do have some time, I make sure we go.

Zach and I went for a visit recently.  Whenever you visit GG, the beginning of the visit will be a run down of her current ailments.  Once she gets that out of the way, she visibly cheers up and the conversation starts to flow.
This past visit Zach wanted to show GG the magic of SnapChat.  I love snap chat, but I don't use it the way you're supposed to.  As I understand it, you take these mini videos of yourself and send them to people.  The videos only last seconds, but be forewarned that good hand eye coordination by the viewer means screen grabs of the videos.. eek.

What I like is the SnapChart filters which takes fun house mirrors to the next level.  You can get turned into a bee, a dog, a princess, a demon... you name it.  Zach decided that it was high time GG learned about this.

It was hilarious.  GG couldn't believe her eyes.  She and Zach were laughing their heads off.  It was really good to see her laugh like that given everything that's been going on with our side of the family.

Sometimes it nice to get outside yourself for awhile and be silly.    I know that getting older comes with its own set of challenges. Despite that, getting older is a gift.  You may get wrinkles that can hold a three day rain and the physical landscape may start to shift, but who cares?  For me, I am looking forward to what my tattoos will look like when I age.  At least it will give me something to laugh at until my grandson brings me the 2070 version of SnapChat.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Never thought I would see the day.

I have wanted to have a pet for what seems like forever.  We had two sweet calico cats when the boys were young, but shortly thereafter Zach was diagnosed with Asthma and was hospitalized for awhile.  We were told at that point that any and all pets had to be removed as well as any carpeting (which could harbor any number of questionable things).  So we found a new home for Aristotle and Newton (thanks Owen!) and installed hardwood floors.

That was almost 10 years ago.  Zach's asthma is way more controlled now.  So with subdued optimism I took him to the doctor to ask some questions.  Can we get Zach tested for a pet allergy and is his asthma under control enough so that we could get a pet?

We had the follow up appointment to those questions about two weeks ago and got the green light.  Allergies are the following; smoke, grass, dust and pollen.  So basically as long as he isn't outdoors, he's fine.  Works out well considering gamers aren't exactly known for their tans.

That brought us to question two, can we get a pet?  Zach's doctor is awesome.  He isn't overly chatty, in fact he seems to use as few words as possible.  In answering question two, he simply replied, "I have no concerns".

The gif above makes me smile, because this actor bears a remarkable resemblance to Zach's pediatrician.

Ok.  Green light in hand, we sat down as a family to figure out what we wanted to get.  Zach and I were open to anything, Brad and Logan wanted a dog, so dog it is.

Brad liked the look of a pug, so we get out online looking for one.  It's hard to find a pug that isn't a purebred.  I went to Winnipeg Pug Rescue, but they didn't have any pugs.  Instead they had a hodgepodge of other breeds.

Purebreds are no joke.  The ones we saw were easily $1,000.  So we switched and looked at French bulldogs... EVEN WORSE!  $2500 was the starting price.

Time to regroup.  We had no plans of putting this dog in shows, so why did we need a purebred?  Exactly.  So with renewed enthusiasm we set off in a hunt for a lovable mutt.

While we weren't specifically looking for one, we found a pug online through Pembina Valley classifieds.  Puppies were listed as free to good home.  Perfect.  I sent a reply to the post with some questions.  Turns out the dogs weren't here, but in Toronto.  Hmmm.... bit of a red flag, however, I checked with Jill (who is a vet) and it's not unheard of to courier purebreds.  Sure, that makes sense, but why would they be giving a purebred puppy away?

In corresponding with this guy it became more and more obvious that it was a complete scam.  First off he said that the dogs were free, but we had to pay the courier fees upfront.  This is that delicate balance in which neither party wants to get ripped off.  It's like a mobster exchange or something..."show me the goods....."

I asked for some more pictures of the puppy and requested his phone number so we could hammer out the details.  This is where it went sideways.  He refused to give a number.  Finally, he relented and provided a number, but the area code was for New Jersey.  Yeah... we're done.

I sent a reply back saying we were no longer interested, but I wasn't prepared for the response I got back.  It was a full page rant about Christian people and how could I think that they would try to take advantage of us.  He then quoted some scriptures and ended with the final eloquent piece de resistance..."Let me know when you are going to send the money".  So that ended that exchange pretty fast.

Learning from that debacle we decided that unless we could visit the dog, it wasn't going to happen.  Brad found another ad on kijiji just outside of Morden.  It was a farm and we could go see the puppy.  The ad had pictures of the sweet puppies and listed them as Chug Terriers.

Now if you are like I was, you would be asking yourself, what is a Chug Terrier.  It is a cross between a chihuahua, terrier and a pug.  The mum was chihuahua/pug and the dad was a  chihuahua/terrier.  The litter had 9 puppies up for adoption.  We were immediately drawn to the only black puppy of the bunch.  The rest had a brindle coloring.  Logan picked her up and she instantly began giving him kisses.  Done deal.

The trouble was we were just about to leave on holidays, so it wasn't really an ideal time to take her home.  But the family was really sweet and if we put a deposit down, they would hold her for us.  I'm so glad that we did, because when we went back to pick her up, the owner said that she had been offered extra if she would let another family take her home.  Thankfully, she stayed true to her word.

She's been with us a week and we are in love.  We named her Stella.  If it had been a boy puppy, Zach and Logan were going to name him Gary.  A small part of me wishes that would have come to pass because that's funnier than h*ll.  Side note, they came up with that because in the cartoon Sponge bob, his pet snail is named Gary.

The boys are so great with her.  Zach especially which surprised us as Logan is the pet lover.  Zach has been taking her for walks and helping potty train her.

We decided to not keep her in a crate during in the day.  Instead, she is going to be in our mudroom/laundry room.  It's a fair size room when you only weigh 5 lbs and there is nothing she can get into if we close up the closets.   Added bonus is that it has linoleum floors in case she has an accident.

Potty training a puppy is a new thing to me as I have never had a dog, but she's doing great.  Outside of one day (third day we had her home), she has only had two accidents.  Not sure what happened on day 3 though... yeesh.

We don't keep her in the mudroom at night.  Instead, we keep her bed up in our room.  Brad is the biggest softy and has taken to letting her sleep in our bed.  I resisted initially, but if you've ever gone to sleep cuddled up to a puppy, it's futile to fight it.

I am not sure when the novelty of calling out "Steeeelllllaaa!" will wear off, but for now it's still pretty funny.

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