Thursday, April 17, 2014

If Britney can make it through 2007, then I can make it through this week.

It's been a nutty week.

Monday - Daycare AGM where I had to give an presentation to the entire board/parents of the center (it went well, so that's good!)
Tuesday - Brad's birthday and Day 1 of crazy OT crunch time at work.
Wednesday/Thursday - These two are kind of a blur because it's been so busy at work, but I am hoping that a nice long weekend will make me feel normal again!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tentative Posession

We had been given a possession date WAY back in the fall.  But with the shiteous winter everything was delayed, so we didn't know where we stood in terms of a revised date...

But we got a letter today, July 18.

In celebration... one of my favorite songs.  Has absolutely no relevance to the current situation other than it makes me happy.  Love me some George.

Holy Guacamole

That was a pretty decent weekend!

Saturday am I was up bright and early for running club.  It was actually more of a conditioning day.  It was great, we did sprint intervals, these stretching/skipping/running things.... all in all... I really enjoyed it.

Saturday afternoon we went to Brett and Bonnie's place to celebration my nephews birthday.  A few years ago, I started getting creative in how I give them money... and it just keeps going.

This year Bennett's money was embedded in soap and Braden got a money umbrella!

It's all in good fun and it makes it more entertaining than just giving plain old cash...

Here is me and my nephew Bennett.  He has longer hair and let his younger girl cousins braid his hair. What a good sport!

We generally have dinner, but this time we only had cake and drinks.  Which is totally fine, but because we got there at 6pm, we hadn't eaten yet and we were starving by the end of the night.  So we stopped on the way home and got a bite for the kids and us.

Sunday was all about the renos.  Brad fixed the upstairs bathroom door ( decided to move the basement bathroom door upstairs and then just replace the bathroom door downstairs because it doesn't matter as much if this one matches everything), we worked and replaced the cracked tile in the front entrance... awesome.  We then took out the old mosiac tile in the main bathroom and hit up Home Depot to buy replacement tile and a new door for downstairs.

I need to buy some artwork for the space at the end of the hall. I went to Michaels to check out their posters, but with the cost of framing, I think it will be cheaper just to hit up IKEA. I'm leaning toward this one because it will be an inside joke to us moving to Twickenham (named after a British stadium, home of English Rugby).

My Mum and Dad stopped by to wish Brad a Happy Birthday (birthday is tomorrow).  We got to talking about what to do with the boys this summer as they will be taking care of them.  Holy Crap.  I give my parents a lot of grief, but they have AMAZING plans for the kids!  They are going to take them to Drumheller to see the Dinosaur museum, West Edmonton Mall,  Lower Fort Garry, Waterparks, Overnight Camping trips, Fishing, Canoeing... so cool.

My Dad is even going to build life size Kerplunk and Jenga as outdoor activities for the cabin!

I am affectionately calling it Camp Preston.  We have decided tonot bring their DS's and ipods and just kick it old school this summer.  Mum and Dad are talking about moving out to the cabin full time and even selling the house!  That's huge.  As of yesterday they were thinking of putting the house up for sale in the fall.  Wow... talk about the end of an era.

After M&D left I got started on dinner. I had plans on making Taco Salad.  But then in a moment of pure whimsy, I decided to make some guacamole to go with it.

HOW.... How have I never realized how easy it is to make guacamole? Seriously.  It was orgasmically good. Will never buy guacamole ever again now that I know.

So another weekend in the books... and woke up to a balmy -17C.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Twick Update Page

I have been posting the occasional Twick update although, they are getting more frequent now that the house is actually progressing.  I decided to add a twick update link page so that I could put all of the pictures in one spot as it's easier to see the progress that way.

 I added the link underneath my picture in the orange box to the right.

Twick Updates

Gees... can you tell I'm getting excited?

Polite as Fuck

I have been jonesing for this shirt for a loooooooooong time.  It's from Buy me Brunch.

It's not that expensive really, but kinda for just a T-shirt.  Add in shipping and I had a hard time justifying it, but cue Brad's birthday!  I got him another cool shirt (won't post it here in because I want it to be a surprise).  The shipping cost is the same for up to 3 t-shirts, so that was all the motivation I needed.

Add to cart baby!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Garage progress

Garage has a roof now!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moving on up

Yesterday night was brutal.

Our running club had our first outdoor running session last night.  Weather wise it wasn't too bad.  Wind was a bit of a bitch though.

There is just something about running outside. It's way harder than indoor or treadmill.  Don't believe me. Try it.  We finished it, but holy mother.... I felt awful.Next torture session is Saturday morning.

Then Deb and I took a drive by my new house.  The second floor in in bitches!    Don't have a roof yet,  but we were able to walk through it.  Very cool.  The ensuite is HUGE!!!

** As an FYI, this is a picture of the back of the house. The For Sale sign refers to the lot behind us.

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