Friday, September 19, 2014

Sad Week

It's been a sad week.

First we lost Brad's Grandad.  Grandad was in his nineties.  It had been a very hard go of it for him. Grandma had a stroke last year and has been in the hosptial ever since.  This was obviously difficult, but made even more so by the fact that Grandad is blind and Grandma was his eyes. The transition without her being around him was extremely difficult.  So we take solace in the fact that his struggle is now over and he is in a better place.

Rest in peace Grandad.

Then later this week, my friend Debbie lost her step dad Rick.  Debbie is an only child like me and I really empathized with what she was going through.  Being an only child is difficult in these situations because you don't have any siblings to help you through the process. Yes, you may have a spouse or close friends, but it's not the same.

Brad and I went to the funeral today to show our support for Debbie and her family.  Her boys were very brave and did extremely well during the service.

Rest in peace Rick.

That's the strange thing about getting older, it's a gift, but it comes with the sadness of having to say goodbye to loved ones.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mattress is ordered.

Friday night we ordered the bed.

It will be delivered on Tuesday.  Which will make it just over a week since I started sleeping on the floor.  

The new mattress is called "Wistful" which isn't exactly a name I would associate with a comfortable nights rest, however, if it can help me get 7 hours of sleep without my back going into spasms, I could care less what it's called.

After buying a mattress, we then went grocery shopping.  Now if that isn't a fun Friday night when you are a 9 or 11 year old boy, I don't know what is.

Saturday Logan had a bowling get together with his friend Cam.    Logan has been missing Cam since he changed schools this year.  Cam if you recall has special needs, but to Logan, he's just Cam.  It really warms my heart to see them together and whenever Cam says "Logan", my heart melts a little.

This visit was amazing. Cam has grown so much!  Plus his speech has gotten so much better, he can bowl on his own AND for the first time (for me, not Cam), I saw him smiling and laughing.  So cool.

Sunday was my marker meeting.  I am marking papers for CGA again this year, but I am marking a new course, so I wanted to sit down with someone who has marked it before.  Brenda was gracious enough to give up an hour of her Sunday to sit down with me.  I feel much more confident about it now that I know how the program works a bit better.

 After that it was a short visit with Jill and Jason (and their fur babies Ruby and Lacey) before we headed home.

Sundays are rapidly becoming my favorite day of the week because on Sunday evenings Outlander comes on.  Holy Mother. So good.  The book (which is now a tv series) was even name checked on my other favorite show...

Yup.  Pretty much. But the setting is gorgeous and the story line is solid.  If you haven't read the books,  DO.  So worth the read.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Camping in my bedroom

I need a new mattress.

Ours is done. Kaput. Finished. Defunct.

When you sit on it, it makes a symphony of clunks and creaks, which is not only indicative of how old it is, it truly does wonders for your self esteem.

I have been having sore backs when sleeping for a few months now.  It is getting progressively worse.  Monday night, I actually was so sore during the night, that I just moved my pillow and slept directly on the floor.

You know that you are having serious mattress issues when sleeping directly on the floor is a vast improvement over sleeping on your mattress.

So this weekend will be mattress shopping.  This needs to happen as I can't imagine sleeping on the floor while your spouse sleeps in a bed is healthy for any marriage.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rider Recap

It was a busy weekend.

Friday night I cleaned house.  My first big clean in the new place - bit of a wake up call... takes me way longer.

Zach had a buddy come over Friday night which is good. He's making some new friends at the school and I couldn't be more pleased for him.  It's a fresh start that seems to be working out for him just as I hoped it would.

Logan is doing ok.  It's taking him a bit more effort to adjust which is so strange because I would have figured of the two Logan would have adapted easier.  They are always surprising me.

Saturday morning Brad went for a ride with his friend Dave. Dave's big bike tour is coming up so he is in full training mode.  While they were off, I watched Dave's boys.  Then when they came back, Brad took Logan, Zach, Conner, Rylan and Seth to the Bomber Appreciation event at the stadium.

**Conner is a big Riders Fan and was clearly not into the festivities Ha ha!

Saturday night was  the Rider/Bomber fan party at Dave and Beth's.  Everyone was decked out in either Blue or Green and the trash talk was flowing. It's kind of bitter sweet in that usually that is the last big outdoor party of the year.  You can feel it in the air.

Sunday was the Banjo Bowl.  We got there early so that we could tailgate with Debbie, David, Sean, Erin and David (along with everyone's respective offspring!).


Tailgating is rapidly becoming my favorite part of the whole thing!  After the tailgating we took the boys over to Bomberville.  Zach and Logan both got to try their hand at kicking a field goal.

The game itself was kind of intense.  First we were doing great, then 2nd quarter sucked balls.  Then we made a late push and almost tied it up only to throw an interception and that was the game.


Two games back to back beaten by the Riders.   Less than awesome, but the Riders and the Bombers have the best fans in the CFL. No kidding.  Say what you want about the Riders, but Rider Nation is no joke.  Those folks are hardcore.  Bomber fans are no slouch either, it's widely known that our stadium is the loudest in the country.  Teams actually have to practice with pumped in crowd onise to prepare for games here.

So all and in all, great weekend.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day

Boys were super excited for school to start today.  They had an epic summer filled with wide open country spaces, fishing, trips to Alberta, a new house, pool parties...

But today was the day.  Back to a NEW school.  Zach was pumped, never actually seen the kid this excited for school before.  Logan was less so, I think he was trying to get himself excited, but he wasn't actually feeling it.  He was nervous (again, wouldn't admit it) and had trouble sleeping last night and his stomach was upset this morning and he didn't want to eat.

It was actually interesting in the fact that this was the first time I have walked the kids to school.  Usually we drop them off at daycare in the morning and when it's time, the daycare staff walk them over, same goes for the end of the day but in reverse.

Now, I walk them and Brad will pick them up.  It's not a FAR walk, but just shy of the 1.6 km cut off to qualify for a bus.  We are 1.4 km.  The plan for now is to walk to school, but in the winter, we might hop a city bus if it gets really cold.

To get to school we have to walk through some picturesque walkways that go past a man made lake.  It's gorgeous, but a goose poop extravaganza.  Plus the amount of Canada Geese that congregate are something else.  It's best not to piss them off.  Geese look all mild and mannered, but those suckers can be viscous when they are angry!  Did you know that they hiss? Completely terrifying.

So we go to school and located the doors that each one had to line up at.  Logan lined up right away.  Initially he wanted me to wait with him until the bell rang, but since none of the other kids had their mums with them, he quickly abandoned that idea.  Zach opted to play on the playground opposite his door until the bell rang.  I really hope his hockey buddy Greg is in his class.  That would be amazing.

It was pretty seamless actually. Walked to school, dropped them off at the doors and stood at bus bus stop just in front of the school.  Made it to work by 9:10 am. Not too shabby.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This weekend we were at the cabin for the unbirthday celebration. It was great.  On Saturday we celebrated Zach's ACTUAL birthday.  We had a big breakfast, he spent the day outside playing with Dawson and Logan.  They boys had decided to go fishing which was fine, but Dale drove down to check on them in his truck and got stuck in the mud.  So he went back to get his tractor to pull out the truck.  Trouble was, the tractor then got stuck.  Not good.  But they decided to leave the chaos until morning, because in the evening we made a turkey supper and had Dale, Dawson and Courtney over.  Good Times.

Sunday was the unbirthday.  We exchanged gifts in the morning. Silly, small, gifts that illicit more laughter than anything else, but that in and of itself is a gift.  Brad went down to help Dale in the afternoon.  Brad drove a truck down to where everything was stuck, being careful to stay back so as he wouldn't get stuck, however, the truck slid down the bank and got stuck.  Dale went and got the BIG tractor and even that got stuck.

See the problem is that the flooding this year brings all of this silt type stuff, which looks like normal soil, but has the consistency of cheesecake.  You just sink into it and then it creates a suction much like quicksand.  You can drive over it once, but by the time you drive a second time, water rises to the surface and creates a muck which is why everything was getting stuck.  It took some serious finagling, but Dale, Brad and Rob were able to get both trucks and both tractors free from the muck.

In the afternoon we all went over to Dale and Courtney's to watch the labor day game.  Now I know this sounds like a bitter fan who just lost, but the officials blew some serious off side calls one of which resulted in a touchdown.    We always bet on the Bomber/Rider games. Usually the bet is beer.

So... yeah.  We owe Dale a case of beer.

Monday we packed up pretty early to come home.  We stopped in at Dale and Courtney's to say goodbye which resulted in Logan and Dawson going for a ride on his quad.   A half hour later they were back, muddy with  big smiles on their faces.  Gotta love the country.

Pretty good Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

9 months? WHaaaaaaaaaaat?

I had a faint back in March which resulted in my licence being taken away until they could conclude that it wasn't seizures.

I have seen MANY MANY doctors and they have all concluded that it was a simple faint.  But in order to get my licence back I need a neurologist to sign off.

Since it's been a year since I saw my guy, i needed a new referral. The last time I saw him he said it was a simple faint so I figured it would be super simple to get him to sign this form.

Well I got my referral and called the office.  9  MONTH WAIT.  Are you KIDDING ME?????

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