Thursday, January 29, 2015

Always something to be grateful for

Today was a great morning.  It wasn't great in that everything went well and there were no meltdowns.   There was a meltdown but it was how we responded to it that was great.

Short Version: Zach was watching youtube on his ipad with the volume cranked.  Logan asked him to turn it down and Zach freaked on him.

Logan and I both didn't react to Zach's meltdown (using a technique for ADHD behavior modification I have read about).  Instead, we walked away.  It was pretty remarkable.  The meltdown just stopped because since we left the room, there was no one to do theatrics for.  Then after Zach had calmed himself down, Logan went and talked to him, explaining he didn't mean to make him mad, it's just that with the ipad volume so high, he couldn't hear his own ipod.  They hugged it out and it was over.

The rest of the morning passed without any further incident and everyone arrived at school in good spirits. That's a win folks.

Riding high off of that this morning, I stepped on the scale for an AMJ check in.

Down 12.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I love this picture of Logan.  At home, I call him Bug.  It used to be Doodlebug, but when he got a little older, he felt it was too babyish, so we changed it to Bug.  It's also quite applicable because he bugs the h*ll out of his brother.  So there you go.

Love love love

Monday, January 26, 2015

Keep Moving Forward

This weekend had it's ups and downs.

Saturday we had two games scheduled for the boys.  First Logan, then Zach.  Logan's game was great, they played well and Logan almost got a goal (he plays left wing).    After his Saturday game, he had a floor hockey / nerf war party for Alex.  This is Logan's 3rd birthday party in as many weeks.  Next week is Jackson's, then the twins the week after, then Stuart the week after that!!   I'm thrilled that Logan has a good peer network, but cripes, this is getting expensive!

Zach's Saturday game wasn't so great.  His team was annihilated 8-0.  Zach was playing quite well, but the mental side of the game got to him and he just melted down.  It's hard for him on defense because he's really the last shot before the opposing team goes in for a goal.  So if they score, Zach takes it to be all his fault.   The only thing that can save your game when that happens is for the forward line to step up and they have been having a rough go trying to score goals.  We have lost all but 4 games this season and it's getting to everybody

So the coaches sat down and did a brainstorm. What we have always known was that we have a small team... in stature.  Excellent skaters, but quite small size wise.  Zach on the other hard is quite tall and solid.  He's built like his Dad (thank goodness) and has that strong athletic build; he's strong on his skates, no one can knock him down.

The coaches noticed that when Zach had the puck as a defense man, no one went after him because he was so much bigger.  Since our forward line needed a little beefing up, they moved him up to forward for Sunday's game.

Night and Day difference.  On forward, if they other teams scores, Zach knows that it's not his fault. So right off the hop he's in a better place.  He got a breakaway and almost scored twice!    It's going to take some time to learn the positioning because he's really never played forward, but if yesterday's game is any indication we might be onto something.

MAJOR kudos to David, Sean, Warren and Brad.  Coaching a kid like Zach is a challenge, but they have never given up on him and always started each game with a fresh outlook.  I'm quite grateful for that.

On the topic of "Keep Moving Forward", today I am starting my free week at the gym.  My company has a partnership with the downtown YMCA.  Employees get a reduced rate.  Before I commit to a full membership, I thought I would try it out for a week and see how I like it.  If I could get a workout in a few days a week at lunch, I think that would be great.

Plus I would then be able to take some of their fitness classes on the weekends.  It's only $35/month which frankly is about as much as one dinner out.   I feel good about adding that into my AMJ routine.

Incidentally... as of today.  Grand total - DOWN 11.2 lbs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Burning the candle at both ends

It's been a busy few days.  Looooooooooong hours at work.  Then I get home and just have enough time to get everything ready for the next day, fall into bed and get up and do it all over again.

Today was a fun morning. **sarcasm sign**

Zach and Logan had a good morning, so that was nice at least.  No problems.  Dropped them off at school and carried on to work.  I had no sooner been at my desk 5 minutes, when the phone rang.  Zach was in the office.

Whenever the school calls, my stomach just bottoms out.  I mean they never call to say, "your son had the most amazing morning, we just had to call and tell you".  So you know it's not great news.

Turns out Zach wasn't feeling well. I asked to put Zach on the phone.  He said that he had been with his friends on the merry go round and his stomach started to feel queasy.  In my head, I was thinking that he just got himself nauseous from the spinning of the merry go round and that it would pass.  I was more inclined to think this was the case because I hadn't seen any symptoms that he wasn't feeling well at all this morning.

The school was somewhat concerned because today was track and field day and they were about to get on a bus.  I said he's fine, let him go.  Felt ok with that decision.  About a half hour later, I got a call from Zach's teacher.  He's throwing up on the bus.

Awesome. Once again securing my Mother of the Year trophy.

I am not really in a position to go pick him up because I would have to bus out to the track meet and then bus home.  Not ideal. So Brad went and got him.  Brad checked him out and said that he was fine.

What he surmises happened was that Zach got "Roller coaster stomach"; That queasy feeling you get after riding amusement park rides. Before Zach's stomach could settle down, he had to get on an overheated school bus.  This was too much for his stomach at that point and so it became an "Everybody Out" situation.

It's busy for Brad at work too, so taking the day off was not a great option.  He couldn't take Zach back to school because Zach's whole grade was at the track meet and there was no one at the school. So Brad took him to work.

I sincerely hope that's what it is in fact and Zach's isn't coming down with whatever Logan had a few weeks back.

Fingers Crossed!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Warrior

There wasn't much on the agenda this past weekend.  A little cleaning, a little hockey, a birthday party, some work... that was about it.

With a less than jam packed schedule, it meant that I had absolutely no excuse but to get some good workouts in.  I use a fit bit to track my steps.  It syncs up with my "Loseit" app to keep me on track.

I have a few friends who also have a fitbit and we have connected via the app.  It lets you motivated each other.  They also have this neat area called "Challenges".  You can challenge your friends to a variety of things like Goal Day, Daily Showdown, Workweek hustle or Weekend Warrior.

I picked Weekend Warrior and invited Kim and Sally to join Friday night.  The challenge started Saturday am.  Sally was up bright and early Saturday and was way out in front.  Then Kim jumped on the treadmill so by the time I woke up I was pretty far behind.

Saturday I was house cleaning, so I let the step count rack up as I meandered about the house.    My daily goal is about 10,000 steps which is the generally accepted number for people to strive  for (or so I've been told).  During the work week, I have a hard time hitting it considering I sit at a desk all day.  I do try to get up for a walk at lunch, but it doesn't always happen.
Ordinarily after spending the day cleaning the house, the last thing I want to do is work out, but a quick check of the challenge standings and the competitive girl in me laced up the shoes for a 3 mile jog. (Well... jog/walk if I am being completely honest, but hey... better than riding the couch).

At the end of Saturday I had racked up 18,204 steps. Not too shabby.  I moved up into second place.

I knew that Sunday was going to be harder because the boys each had a game, which means for at least 2 hours on Sunday, I was going to be sitting and watching their games.  Logan's game was great, he got player of the game.   He's been working so hard for awhile, I was really proud that he earned it.

Zach's game was ok.  They lost - which I never care about, but Zach lost it.  He completely melted down on the bench and his coach had to tell him to sit out for awhile until he got under control. Sigh.

When we got home from Zach's game we had a big heart to heart.  After all was said and done, he needed a little love. So we put in an Indiana Jones movie and snuggled on the couch.  It did nothing for my step count, but it was important for me to be there for Zach.

What I really wanted to do the remainder of the day was sit on the couch and tuck into a "holiday pour" glass of wine.  However, I knew that would do me no favors AMJ wise and would put me even farther behind in the Weekend Warrior Challenge.

I laced up my sneakers and headed down to the treadmill for some quality time. I wasn't up to running, so I walked - at a decent clip, but again... better than nothing.

I put on Craig Ferguson's I'm here to help from Netflix on and did a 4 mile walk.  Hopped off the treadmill and saw I was just slightly behind Kim, by 100 or so steps.  So I started marching around the house, tidying, putting things away, doing stairs. Anything and everything I could do rack up the number.

As I went to bed on Sunday night, I had accumulated 14,629 steps.    For a Grand Total of 32,833 steps over the course of the weekend and just enough to claim first place.

It was surprising to me how much a little friendly competition motivated me to move. When I would have otherwise set up camp catching up on my shows, I worked out.  Amazing in the land of me.

AMJ check in: Down 9lbs.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lost in Surburbia

Not exactly a relaxing commute.

This morning was ok for the most part.  Zach was in a bit of a mood and stated that he'd had enough of Logan and wanted to walk to school instead of take the bus.  Fine.  I wasn't going to argue.

So Logan and I were waiting for the bus.  The glorious #59.  Which didn't show up.  I know that a #58 comes shortly after.  The #58 goes the exact same way for the preliminary part of the route, which means it goes right by the boys school.

Logan was nervous.  He's comfortable with the #59 and was unsure if the #58 would go the same way. I reassured him that it absolutely would and that it would be no different.

How wrong I was.

Th #58 came and we hopped on. All appeared to be well.  Except that the turn for the boys school came.... and went.  Logan said "Mum! He's not turning! "  I had been so sure that bus went by the school, but to be honest, I'd never taken the #58 from the new house so I was now questioning myself.

I told Logan to get off the bus at the next stop and walk back to the school.

The bus continued to barrel along Algate with no intent of slowing down to make a turn.  You can always tell when a bus goes the wrong way because everyone on the bus gets very antsy very fast.  Finally after about 5 minutes, one bus patron told the bus driver he was going the wrong way. 

You know when you find yourself driving the wrong way, you pull into someones driveway just so you can turn around?   That's what the bus driver attempted to do, but not with a driveway, with some random side street.

Ok. No matter.  We are back heading the right way.  He turned onto Highbury and I saw Logan walking down the street to school and waived.  How weird is this?  As we drove by the school, I saw Zach on the playground.  He picked a good day to walk!

The bus is supposed to turn right onto John Forsyth, but what did my driver do?  LEFT!  Left is clearly the obvious choice. Again, we are barreling down the road in the wrong direction.  People were a little quicker to point out the flaw after the first wrong turn.  But the turn around this time was much more difficult and we ended up getting stuck.

I was just shaking my head at this point.  After some finagling the driver got the bus back on to the appropriate route.  Thankfully there were no more wrong turns after that.

What the h*ll man?  I've seen bus drivers consult maps before. Why didn't you?   Early morning commuters are not the sort of Mob you want to mess with. 

I tweeted my frustration to Winnipeg Transit and surprisingly they replied!  They apologized for the driver (something the driver himself didn't do) and asked for details (what route, what time etc).

All in all I arrived a work just a few minutes later than normal.   So much for a relaxing Friday commute!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AMJ Check in

January 2 I started back on AMJ (A** Minimizing Journey).

I decided to use my love of technology to help me this time round.  Enter FitBit and Loseit apps.  They work in conjunction with each other.  Fitbit tracks your steps/exercise and Loseit your food.

We are 11 days in and drumroll please.....

I'm down 7lbs.  That being said.. I know that this is intrinsically true:

So we'll stop it there for now.

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